Dogolas ドゴラス [Unused Character]


Conceived By : Minoru Yoshida

Powers / Weapons




Series // Unused Character

No Sound


Not much is known about Dogolas, save the fact that he was featured, alongside Bagan, in the 1996 CD-Rom Godzilla Movie Studio Tour. It seems unlikely that the prop was made exclusively for the CD-Rom, although it's unknown what production the creature might have been planned for. The monster shouldn't be confused with the title monster from Dogora (1964), as the creature's name was listed, in English, as Dogolas on the program.


  • The prop renders in the Images section were taken from the Godzilla Movie Studio Tour CD-Rom. Interestingly, while a majority of pictures in the program are saved as gif-like images with less than 128 colors, the monsters featured in the Publicity Dep. have both 128-color images and fully-detailed non-gif renders saved in the files, the latter of which can be seen above.
  • The only known piece of concept artwork for Dogolas (above) was featured in a half-page article detailing Godzilla Movie Studio Tour in the Uchusen Special Issue for Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (magazine code: 01844-01). In the artwork, Dogolas appears very bat-like, with large ears, fangs, and two small eyes. However, its rendered appearance in the game takes on a much more alien approach.
  • In the end credits of the English version of Godzilla Movie Studio Tour, Dogolas is mistakenly referred to as "DOGORAS". In the coding of the game, it is referred to as "dogorasu".