Deathla デスラ


Conceived By : Yoshimitsu Banno

Powers / Weapons

Flight; crimson energy beam; shape shifting; poisonous sludge; paralyzing fluid; constricting tendrils; can divide into Locust Deathla


Godzilla 3D to the Max (2008)

Series // Unused Character

No Sound


Deathla was the primary antagonist of the unmade Godzilla 3D to the Max movie and was created by Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) director Yoshimitsu Banno. The monster was similar to Hedorah in many ways as the creature was also an alien who could divide and merge to form a larger being. The alien also featured similar powers, like a crimson energy beam and sludge attacks. In fact, the similarities ran so deep that it was noted that the creature had vertical eyes, comparing them to the Smog Monster's. However, where as Hedorah fed off pollution, Deathla fed off chlorophyll as the defining difference between them. So Deathla would go to natural beauties, such as the Iguazu Falls in the proposed film, and ravage the area by absorbing chlorophyll from plant life.

For the creature's backstory, it was noted to originate from a planet called Deathla Star, owing its name to its birth place. There the creature had exhausted all available chlorophyll sources there before having to venture out for more substance. Its search eventually leading it to Earth via a meteorite.

  • Designing Deathla was placed in the hands of Syd Mead, who worked on both Tron and Blade Runner in the past. The look of the creature, whose English name is noted as Deathla, is talked about on Yoshimitsu Banno's site. Here the monster was described as purple and red while having a body like a slug that was able to metamorphose into any shape. His head was noted as skelton-like, while he had vertical eyes similar to Hedorah. Powers included poisonous sludge, super-constricting tendrils, paralyzing fluid and the ability to fire a crimson energy beam.

    The site also describes the locust-like creatures as Locust Deathla, which had "fluidish" bodies themselves with sharp fangs.
  • At G-FEST XII, in 2005, Yoshimitsu Banno was part of a panel where he outlined aspects of the Godzilla 3D to the Max project. This included talking about Deathla, which at this time he wanted to create something that would "be even more powerful than Hedorah was against Godzilla."
  • Note the image used for this concept is not representative of how Deathla would have looked in the movie.