Cut Scenes
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)

Star Falcon's Test Flight
The Star Falcon, one of Moguera's halves, is given a test flight high above the Earth's atmosphere to check performance of the craft in zero gravity.

A very brief scene that just shows the Star Falcon flying in outer space, with Earth in the distance. It's assumed that the scene was going to be shown during the opening credit sequence, perhaps before Moguera under goes numerous maintenance checks. In its current state, the scene is far too brief, given that there is no context to place the scene in, to understand exactly what's going on. If the scene was going to be elaborated on or not is unknown. It could also be mused that perhaps the sequence was only intended to be used in trailers if extra footage was needed.

Godzilla Inspects the Crystal Prison
After Little Godzilla is imprisoned by SpaceGodzilla on Birth Island, the King of the Monsters ventures over to witness the fate of his offspring.

As seen in the film, Godzilla appears to abruptly leave Birth Island in hot pursuit of SpaceGodzilla after Little Godzilla is sealed inside the crystals. Production stills, however, show of a sequence of the nuclear leviathan looking over what happend to the smaller Godzilla.

War at Sea
As Godzilla approaches the mainland of Japan, seeking revenge against his space birthed doppelganger, the JSDF initiates their defensive strike. Lacing the bay with subs, battleships, and several varieties of attack helicopters, the nation sought to protect itself. However, even this iron current was not enough to prevent the saurian demon from touching Japan soil. Nearly every man made creation was reduced to ash and molten slag, drifting to the bottom of the black seas.

Stock footage was used during the entire sea battle that made it into the final cut; however, there was an entire segment filmed with new props and models for this conflict. Unfortunately, filming didn't go as planned, and several effects were noticeably off. Special effects director Koichi Kawakita wanted to re-shoot the scene, but there wasn't enough time left in the production cycle to permit such a luxury, so stock footage had to be used as a quick substitute.