Cut Scenes
Godzilla (1954)

Godzilla's Arrival
When the village alarm bell tolls, everyone is forced to flee to the hills, believing that high ground would protect them from the oncoming terror that was about to befall them. Running to the hilltop, the crowds of terrified populace were confronted by the image of a demon that rose over the ridge. Grasping a dead cow in its powerful maw, Godzilla had shown the island, and the world, that he existed.
This cut scene was filmed with the intention of replacing the, now famous, introduction of Godzilla over the hill top. The scene was cut by special effects guru Eiji Tsuburaya, who felt the effect looked unconvincing. In order to be visible, the cow would have to be over 5 meters in contrast with Godzilla, throwing off a sense of proportion with the title monster. So, the shot was redone with just Godzilla coming over the ridge, and roaring down menacingly at the humans below. As a side note: no footage of this scene is believed to still exist to this day, and only very few pictures prove its existence.