Deleted Scenes
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

Rodan from Mount Aso
As predicted by Mas Selina Salno, the monster Rodan emerges from the volcanic Mount Aso to take flight.
Like many deleted scenes in the Showa series, this was merely a non-satisfactory special effects shot that extends the sequence as it appears in the movie ever so slightly. Originally, the opening sequence of Rodan was to be in two shots - different from the final edit due to distance. However, the movement of Rodan's wings do not match up with the explosive squibs at the bottom of the set, which is supposed to give the illusion that Rodan's hurricane winds are blowing dust and debris all over the area.

Godzilla's Landing
After destroying a cruise ship, Godzilla ventures onto Japanese soil, decimating property in his path before Rodan appears overhead in the night's sky.
This sequence was originally longer, featuring some more creative filming as well. The most famous of the two deleted shots with this scene is one shot from an aerial point of view of the town, which can be interpreted as Rodan's POV. Another stunning shot which was removed from this sequence is a far away view of Godzilla attacking the city, allowing the size of the set being filmed on to be seen in greater measure.

King Ghidorah's Rampage
From the sky, King Ghidorah racks the Japanese metropolis below with his gravity beams.
Some additional footage to this sequence was originally filmed, including some shots of the city before King Ghidorah strikes. There is also some low angle footage of the devestation his beams are causing that was removed from the final cut, such as the crashed tower above.