Deleted Scenes
Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Godzilla vs. Manda
While rampaging through Tokyo, the monsters Godzilla and Manda happen to come across each other. The hissing viper like kaiju snapped at the towering behemoth, as its coiled mass is wrapped around one of the remaining skyscrapers. Godzilla bellowed in response, as he advanced on his prey. Reaching out with his clawed hands, he grasps the head of the scaly snake. Wrenching free, the reptile yanked the fanged serpent from its support, taking the building with him. Manda wiggles and flounders in the titan's grasp, all the while marking clear of its maddening fury with steaming hisses.
Supposedly just suit actor Haruo Nakajima playing around. It's not hard to see why the scene was left on the editing room floor. The fact that two kaiju, under the Kilaak's mind control, would be fighting amongst each other is a little confusing, and it's hardly an idea worth dedicating a subplot to in order to justify it to the audience.