Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla
  Intended Release: 1963

Conceived by: Shinichi Sekizawa

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King Kong returns for a rematch with the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.


Following the immense success of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), which when adjusted for inflation would be the highest grossing Godzilla film of all time, it's not surprising that the first concept considered for the next Godzilla movie was one that pitted the two monsters against each other again. Literally titled Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla, the proposal for this project was written by Shinichi Sekizawa, who also worked on the previous film, and the draft was submitted in 1963. Unfortunately, the concept never got past the proposal stage, and a more fleshed out script was never commissioned while Sekizawa's ideas for the sequel remain mostly unknown. Consequently, Godzilla would end up taking a break that year, although the character would return with two feature films in 1964 and was also considered for a third: Frankenstein vs. Godzilla.

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