Biomonster バイオモンスター


Conceived By : Kaoru Kamikiku

Powers / Weapons

Skin made of enhanced G-cells


Godzilla vs. Biomonster (1995)

Series // Unused Character

No Sound


A bio-engineered monster from one of Toho monster designer Kaoru Kamikiku's side projects for a "Godzilla 7". Designed to be a modern version of Frankenstein's monster, the Biomonster would have had skin made of an improved version of G-cells, making it extremely resilient. Its final battle with Godzilla is described as concluding with a "double suicide".

While a unique idea for a Godzilla foe, the humanoid Biomonster would end up being shelved in favor of the shapeshifting Barubaroi from Godzilla vs. Barubaroi as the final Heisei VS Series opponent.

  • Concept artwork for Biomonster and its description be found in the 2017 Japanese publication Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811). Artwork also features the monster wearing what appear to be large metal goggles for an unknown purpose.