Battle of the Galactic Empire
  Intended Release: 1978

Conceived by: Tomoyuki Tanaka, Fumio Tanaka

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A great conflict ensues involving the Galactic Empire.


After Star Wars was released to tremendous box office success in 1977, a renaissance of "space operas" began to be developed the world over from companies interested in capitalizing on the renewed interested in the genre. Toho had already rushed into production their first such feature in 1977 called The War in Space, beating Star Wars to the punch which wouldn't debut in Japan until Summer of 1978. Before The War in Space (1977) was released, though, producers Tomoyuki Tanaka and Fumio Tanaka had already begun considering another feature in the genre.

In 1977, Toho began very early planning on their next "space opera": Battle of the Galactic Empire. The film was to be based on the 1950's novels and short stories by Isaac Asimov in his Galatic Empire series, which would later become part of the Foundation series. Despite interest from the two producers, though, the concept ultimately never got very far in production as a director was never attached to the project before it was finally aborted. Sadly, details on this would be film are relatively scarce. For example, it's unknown if the film was simply going to be inspired by the novels or an attempted retelling of some of the events. It's also not known if author Asimov was ever approached with the idea.

Note: No pictures of the premise exist. The above image is a composite using elements from a Japanese artist rendering the Galatic Empire series.

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