Astrogodzilla アストロゴジラ


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Powers / Weapons

Ice ray; flight; able to psychically mind control other beings to do its bidding


Godzilla vs. Astrogodzilla (1994)

Series // Unused Character

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Created in the very early planning stages of what would eventually become Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994), the albino space terror Astrogodzilla was born by the cells of Biollante, and would have come to Earth to cause chaos. It sported gigantic wings with which to fly, and could fire an ice ray from its maw powerful enough to freeze everything it hit. Likewise, it was gifted with strong psychic abilities, and would end up taking over the minds of Miki Saegusa and Little Godzilla while attacking Japan.

While not much of the development of this creature or its movie draft is known, some of Astrogodzilla's abilities, such as its capacity to fly and utilize psychic powers, would carry over to future revisions, though the ice motif would later be replaced by a "living mineral" theme introduced by Shinichiro Kobayashi for the penultimate concept of Crystal Godzilla.

  • No official concept artwork of Astrogodzilla exists. The illustration in the article picture is an interpretation created by artist Lucas C. Gabet using a description of the monster, and was commissioned for use on Toho Kingdom by staff. It was not created by Toho nor is it their official look for the unused character.
  • The mention of this early concept can be found in the "Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla Retrospective" article in issue #105 (March 2014) of the quarterly fanzine G-FAN.