Graphic Novel: Godzilla 2000: Millennium - Changes

Godzilla vs. the JSDF
Godzilla finally gets his chance to waste some JSDF! least some Full Metal Missiles headed right at him. Instead of simply standing and roaring in pain, Godzilla reacts after being punctured by the massive weapons with a show of power to be reckoned with.
Io's Nightmare
The invisible tentacles that invade various computers all over Tokyo make a rather...unusual use out of Io. Forming a ghostly copy of her, the being disappears as the UFO makes its way towards town.
Yuki's Concern
Shinoda and Miyasaki are in City Tower studying the Organizer G-1 genes, even as the UFO sits atop the building. Yuki bursts into the room, and lectures Shinoda on what will happen to Io if he forfeits his life rectlessly.
Millennian Empire
As Shinoda, Miyasaki and Yuki rush to escape the tower before it explodes, they are confronted by the Millennian Io, having taken the real Io as a hostage. She imparts unto them the history of her race, and their intentions for Godzilla. Shinoda tries to rescue Io, but is beaten back.
A Mother's Love
Shinoda imparts memories of his wife to Io, and the two draw strength from her memory, even as the building explodes above them!
A Life for a Life
The UFO, having bound Godzilla, draws Organizer from the beast. As Godzilla looks on in both anger and curiosity, the Millennians are reborn, only to be met with a horrible reality...
Beam Battle
Godzilla leaps, destroying the UFO with his spines, and attacks Orga, with a blast of his atomic breath, in almost one motion.
Orga's Mutation
Orga gets the jump on Godzilla in a scene less confusing than the film's climactic sequence.
Katagiri's Insanity
Falling into a twisted mindset, Katagiri seems to offer himself to the Monster King as Godzilla lets the full force of his rage be known to the world!