Iron Man #196
 Denny O'Neil
Pencils: Rich Buckler Inks: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Language: English Release: 1985
Publisher: Marvel Comics Pages: 32
Colors: Bob Sharen Cover: N/A
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla Iron Man, Omnos, Doctor Demonicus, Shaman, Quinjet
Anthony Romero
This publication marks the end of writer Denny O'Neil's Doctor Demonicus "arc" in the Iron Man books and features a brief appearance by the "mutated" Godzilla. In reference to the Godzilla character, whose role is once again very small, the comic is interesting for showing that the beast is still quite intelligent despite what one might have assumed in the earlier issues of the arc. In this book Godzilla manages to find and bring back the discarded armor of Iron Man in his maw, without being instructed to, to Demonicus' lair. This sets up the event depicted on the cover where Demonicus, wearing the retro Iron Man suit, battles both a armor-less Tony Stark and an entity called the Omnos that has seized control of the new Iron Man suit. Fittingly, the end battle between the three is the highlight of O'Neil's arc with the Demonicus character. It's not a particularly great comic, with Tony Stark's disguise being fairly goofy and Demonicus hamming it up as usual with his dialogue, but it's still pretty entertaining. As for the art, the issue is handled by veteran artist Rich Buckler who does a pretty good job with the comic, doing particularly well with close ups and both armors. Buckler also manages to make Demonicus look more menacing and less goofy, for which he also deserves extra praise.

Overall, if one is getting this simply for Godzilla's brief stint, don't bother. However, if one has an interest in both Iron Man and seeing an obscure appearance by the King of the Monsters, it's not a bad comic to thumb through on occasion.