Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15
 Chris Mowry
Pencils: Matt Frank Inks: Matt Frank
Language: English Release: 2014
Publisher: IDW Publishing Pages: 32
Colors: Priscilla Tramontano Cover: Paul Hanley
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Anguirus, Mechagodzilla, Kiryu, Mecha-King Ghidorah N/A
Anthony Romero

The all-out Mechagodzilla assault continues in issue #15 of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. This is an action packed issue, but sadly one that is light on plot. Still, it fares well as popcorn entertainment thanks to solid art duties from Matt Frank.

In terms of plot, the issue opens with Kiryu being given mysterious orders to fly Anguirus to Russia. At the capital, Godzilla is busy engaging with four of the new Mechagodzillas. The King of the Monsters seems outmatched, as the four mechs tear into him with a combined attack.

As might be obvious from the short story description, the plot here is brisk. Of the 19 pages of the actual comic, 11 are action pages depicting the fight and pretty much no dialogue. This makes the comic incredibly quick to read. To be fair, it does advance the story a little, giving an idea of what the invaders have in mind. The comic also touches on what was promised to Minette and Mallory, the psychic twins that originally appeared way back in Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3, to get them to help. Ultimately, though, the book relies on Matt Frank's skill to carry it, and he does an admirable job. There is a lot of detail placed into Godzilla during his brutal fight with the Mechagodzillas, and his pain during some of the sequences are quite evident. Sadly, the action never quite catches the same fever pitch level of energy that the Mechagodzilla and Anguirus bout had in the previous issue.

As for the covers, there are two to pick from and oddly not one from Matt Frank this go around. The main cover is done by Paul Hanley, and while not the best crafted the concept is really neat and helps to make it memorable. The alternate is done by series regular Jeff Zornow and uses vivid colors as it depicts Godzilla and Anguirus battling off the legion of Mechagodzillas. In this instance, either cover is a solid choice and neither stands out as the definitive choice.

Overall, while I enjoyed the issue, it felt like it was over far too quickly. It might read better in trade, as part of a larger collection of comics, but as a single issue its simply too battle heavy and not enough meat to make it feel like a substantial entry on its own. The issue does debut a new kaiju in a cool way, so at least it maintained interest in where the story goes from here.

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