Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #7
 Chris Mowry
Pencils: Matt Frank Inks: Matt Frank
Language: English Release: 2013
Publisher: IDW Publishing Pages: 32
Colors: Priscilla Tramontano Cover: Matt Frank
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, Gigan, Moguera, Orga Millennian UFO
Anthony Romero

The last issue of 2013, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #7 continues from the mini-cliff hanger of the #6 with what turns out to be a very Jet Jaguar centric comic. It's an enjoyable read, thanks to Matt Frank's fantastic art, although the invading aliens (Cryog and the Devonian) are quickly losing their menace while the Jet Jaguar focus feels a little odd for the series.

For the plot, the comic focuses a little on Woods being told about Yumi Nagata and her Jet Jaguar project, who just ripped apart Orga from the inside out. After exchanging a few blows, the robot and Godzilla form an uneasy alliance to take down Gigan. The size-changing machine's appearance has also shaken the Cryog a little, as they recognize the robot, but not enough to halt them from sending down another craft to rescue the still reforming Orga.

The story packs a bit more meat to it than the past couple issues, which is nice to see. The fact that Jet Jaguar is being set up as a principal player in the series is certainly an odd twist, though. I will be frank that I'm not a huge fan of Jet Jaguar in large doses. The design has always felt a little out of place for me in the franchise, and continues to do so here. I do welcome the addition of Yumi, the robot's "keeper", though. It seems her father had a hand with Jet Jaguar, and there is a mystery surrounding his origin (his forehead looks similar to the Cryog, as harmless musing...), making her already one of the more interesting characters in the series as there seems to be more to her than is already revealed.

In terms of the action, Gigan is very outmatched which doesn't make the battle here quite as engaging as Godzilla Rulers of Earth #6, but its framed well and the art by Matt Frank is excellent. Gigan and Godzilla in particular look great, although its the Cryog aliens themselves that seem to get a great level of detail to them from the artist. There is some artist flair added here and there as well, such frames of a black silhouette Gigan, with a pulsing red eye, attacking Godzilla that make for a visually appealing sequence.

As for the covers, this issue has two okay ones to choose from, with both being decent but neither standing out which is a change of pace for the normally solid covers that have carried the comic run so far. The main one is by Frank and features Godzilla, Jet Jaguar and the Cryog in the background. The cover stands out a little more than the alternate, although Godzilla looks a little more dragon-like than normal in the foreground. The Jeff Zornow alternate, like before, is a bit more dynamic, but I can't get over the odd framing of Godzilla, whose tail placement being behind Jet Jaguar and the trajectory of the punch don't make a lot of sense.

Overall, a good issue that I probably would have enjoyed more if I was a fan of the Jet Jaguar character, so notable for those who are more open to him as this is the best he has ever been represented. Hopefully the series continues as this one did with a bit more of a mix of the human and kaiju elements, while also looks to bring back some of the menace that has started to leave the invading aliens.

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