Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #11
 Jason Ciaramella
Pencils: Victor Santos Inks: Victor Santos
Language: English Release: 2012
Publisher: IDW Publishing Pages: 32
Colors: Ronda Pattison Cover: David Messina
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Rodan, Battra, King Ghidorah -
Anthony Romero

Writer Jason Ciaramella had a tough seat to fill when he took over from Eric Powell. That's not so much because the Goon writer was particularly beloved by fans of the character, but rather that he started a lot of plot points. Plot points that continued to draw on and on as each issue came out, leaving Ciaramella the hard task of addressing them in what looks to be the last few issues before the series is put on hiatus after #12. Having wrapped up the Steven Woods angle, the focus is now on the twin, psychic girls who have been appearing since Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #3. Sadly, the climax for the story arc ends up being more monster fighting with very little meat to the story otherwise, which in itself becomes a tough sell due to the lackluster art showcased here once more from Victor Santos.

The plot of the comic kicks off right where Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #10 left off, as Rodan and Battra, being controlled by Minette and Mallorie, ascend on the defeated Godzilla. Sensing the creature is weak, the two girls command Rodan and Battra to carry the King of the Monsters to a nearby nuclear power plant. Once overhead, Godzilla is dropped into the facility, triggering an explosion that rejuvenates the beast...

While the story starts off with a brief reaction to the the destruction scene in Washington DC, it quickly descends into a large monster battle without much setup from this particular issue. Steven Woods, Allie and the President are all no shows here, and the book is overall probably the quickest read yet in the series as there is very little text at all. Ciaramella's style seems very clear at this point, as he favors the monster battles that were so often glossed over and felt like a secondary feature to the story Eric Powell was originally writing. Sadly, the artwork by Victor Santos is as ill placed as ever, being far too comedic and lacking details to make the writer's reliance on action feel truly satisfying. The pair feel like a poor mismatch, which which seems to only be highlighted with each new issue that features a lot of monster fighting.

I'll try to keep this review mostly spoiler free for a change, although the key word there is mostly. So skim over this paragraph to avoid them. That out of the way, this comic *seems* to conclude the Minette and Mallorie story line, although is very unsatisfying in execution. I say seems because its handled in a very rushed nature, with little or no fanfare for the girls in particular, and there still seems to be one more issue left before it goes on break so anything can happen. Also, on the plus side, Battra proves to be a surprisingly powerful kaiju here, which was nice to see. On the down side, Rodan proves to be just the opposite.

In terms of the covers, David Messina tackles the main one here and gives what will easily be the least appealing cover of the 11 issues so far. The girls are stretched while Godzilla is poorly drawn, looking like a rat-dog hybrid more than the King of the Monsters from the face. Messina has a very distinct pop-like style, when he isn't strictly tracing, but even then this is a misfire. As for the character cover, Matt delivers an excellent shot of Titanosaurus with a great view of the head and an impressive cyclone in the background to subtly draw one's attention. It may not be incredibly faithful to the movie counterpart's proportions, but is impressive to see and harks back to the company's far better Godzilla Legends #3 that was released this same month.

Overall, there is one issue left before the series goes on break and its not winning any favors from this recent, simplistic turn of events. It seems pretty certain that many of the plot points will likely never be resolved, such as the whole mass animal death whenever a monster first appeared, the Shobijin appearing for one page to comment on Battra, Kumonga going unused after briefly showing up, and the man who seemed to have discovered the root of all this before Rodan had killed him. Still, one issue to go before the hiatus and anything can happen so hopefully a few of those are meant with some sort of resolution, although I'm now far more interested in how Godzilla Legends progresses at this stage.

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