Godzilla vs. Mothra: Great Study
 Kazuki Omori
Pencils: - Inks: -
Language: Japanese Release: 1992
Publisher: Rippu Shobo Pages: 80
Colors: - Cover: -
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Mothra, Battra Cosmos, MBT-92, MBAW-93, Type 74 Tank, F15-J Jets
Anthony Romero
This publication, produced by Rippu Shobo, is almost a swiss army knife of coverage based around the 1992 movie Godzilla vs. Mothra. First off, this book contains a manga adaptation of the live action film. This section, which has limited color as it's done in black and white with various shades of orange added in, is arguably faithful to the film, at least to a point. It doesn't add any elements to the story by Kazuki Omori, but does cut a lot, such as all of the human characters except the two leads. So most of the human story has been sacrificed, although the scenes related to the monsters are intact. As for the art, it's pretty good. The detail on Battra, especially the larva, is fantastic while both Mothra and the Cosmos are rendered well. Godzilla is the only one who suffers, as he looks a little cartoonish at times thanks to him sporting overly large eyes in this publication.

The manga portion ends up only being a fourth of the book, though. The rest is a fairly varied array of content, that includes: production stills and stats for the monsters and SDF, a behind the scenes look at the movie, a brief segment on Mothra (1961) and finally some toys released for the 1992 movie. All of these are in color too. The book then ends with a little encyclopedia on the human characters from the Heisei films, making particular note of Miki Saegusa, and the Showa movies. These two are in black and white, and sometimes with shades of orange mixed in like the manga.

Overall, despite a chaotic impression, it's a jack of all trades that's actually a fairly interesting read. The manga is nothing special, but the rest of the content included helps to make this worth picking up if one has a heightened interest for this particular movie in the series. As a side note, I have seen various sources indicate that this was reprinted in 1994, but have never come across a book with this date listed and therefore wouldn't know if anything was altered.