Godzilla King of the Monsters #9
 Doug Moench
Pencils: Herb Trimpe Inks: Fred Kida
Language: English Release: 1978
Publisher: Marvel Comics Pages: 32
Colors: Mary Titus Cover: N/A
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Red Ronin Behemoth
Anthony Romero
The ninth issue in the series starts out with Godzilla, rather suddenly, attacking the Boulder Dam. The structure doesn't hold, and Godzilla is washed away in a torrent of water, straight toward Las Vegas. Meanwhile in the city, a lone gambler by the name of Winslow Beddit is making a choice: to spend the last of his money to call his wife or attempt to win more in an effort to earn enough to save his mother by getting the medical treatment she needs. He ends up doing the latter, and wins big... only to have his earnings lost in the coming tidal wave, which also motives the attacking Godzilla to move on from the city. Beddit, back down to a single dime to his name, decides to call his wife after all, only to seek her wraith upon discovering that Beddit had lost all his money. She becomes furious as well when he mentions his mother, who it turns out passed away three years ago, and tells him that she's leaving him. Beddit hangs up the phone and then decides to take the long, long walk home.

This issue is an interesting one in the series. The art is actually a cut above, probably because more detail is placed into the human cast such as Beddit while the destruction also holds up well on panel. The real draw to this issue, though, is the story. While Godzilla's situation is rather standard destructive fare, the story of Beddit is a rather interesting. The ending conclusion, which should be noted as it focuses on Beddit rather than Godzilla and doesn't leave the issue on much of a cliffhanger like the last ones, is potent as it comes as rather a surprise that the man's life would end up being so tragic. The revelation that he is in denial about the loss of his mother adds to this sense, and certainly makes his struggle in the story a memorable one for the series as a whole.