Godzilla #6
 Kazuhisa Iwata, Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley
Pencils: Kazuhisa Iwata Inks: Kazuhisa Iwata
Language: English Release: 1989
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Pages: 32
Colors: None Cover: Mark A. Nelson
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla -
Anthony Romero
The last issue in Dark Horse's English reprinting of Kazuhisa Iwata's The Return of Godzilla manga, this comic deals with the final moments of Godzilla's attack on Tokyo and his eventual trek to Mount Mihara. For those familiar with Iwata's adaptations of the films, they shouldn't be surprised to see this issue take on a slightly darker edge with the material. This is present in panels such as the ones showing charred corpses, or sequences with emergency crews helping the dead and injured that are spliced in while Godzilla ventures to Mount Mihara. Unfortunately, the artwork contained in the original manga, and subsequently this issue, is in need of some work. On the plus side, backgrounds look great, with a lot of detail placed in creating the views of the devastated metropolis. Human characters, while on the simplistic side, are also created with fair results. Sadly, the ball is dropped, though, when it comes to the title character, who often sports a very large, almost goofy, mouth of teeth. The way he is rendered is also incredibly inconsistent, often changing dramatically from panel to panel. As for the cover, it's created by Mark A. Nelson with fairly nice results. The appearance of Godzilla with the red lighting in effect looks good, while the flock of birds, even if metaphorical in the context of the events in this issue, is also a nice touch.