Godzilla King of the Monsters #12
 Alex Cox
Pencils: Brandon McKinney Inks: Andrew Pepoy
Language: English Release: 1996
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Pages: 32
Colors: Perry McNamee Cover: Bob Eggleton
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla Dixon Android, Automated Defense System
Anthony Romero
This, the final chapter in Dark Horse's time traveling story arc, sees Professor Madison handing over animals, which have become extinct in the year 2299, to two game show hosts so they can give them away as prizes. The two entrepreneurs from the future are particularly interested in acquiring the legendary monster Godzilla, a beast which Madison is happy to turn over in exchange for futuristic weapons. As expected, Godzilla runs amok in the futuristic world, much to the surprise of the two game show hosts who assumed Godzilla would be easy to control. Madison reveals his new plan to his aid Dixon, now an android which is being controlled from the head by the shrunken members of G-Force, to rule the past, present and future. Dixon disagrees with the Professor's use of Godzilla, and is shot by Madison for his disobedience, revealing that it was only an android. Madison cuts a new deal with the two game show hosts: he and his men will fight off Godzilla with their futuristic weapons, since "Class-A" humans, which is what the two game show hosts and their contemporaries are, can't possibly wield weapons. G-Force intervenes though, and restrains Madison just as Godzilla eats the professor and his time device, flinging the large saurian through time as G-Force returns to the present.

This comic marks, finally, the closure of the ludicrous time travel story by Alex Cox, the low point of the Dark Horse Godzilla comics; a story which saw a game-show-themed world of the future, a G-Force that found a way to shrink their own size, and horrible Shakespeare jokes among other things. Like the story, the dialogue is a little cheesy as well here, with Madison's speech about "ruling all time" probably being the biggest offender. Story aside, the artwork found in the last chapter in the "time travel saga" is actually very well done. The penciling is great, with Godzilla and the human cast looking good in nearly every panel. Coloring is also done well here, with colors being spot on with no noticeable errors. The cover, done by Bob Eggleton, is once again the best part of this comic, like the three preceding it, with a great rendering of the Heisei Godzilla in front of a volcanic background; although the cover has very little, if anything, to do with the actual comic.

Overall, the issue sets up the pieces for stories going forward as it closes its story arc, but isn't particularly enjoyable on its own.