Godzilla King of the Monsters #10
 Alex Cox
Pencils: Brandon McKinney Inks: Andrew Pepoy
Language: English Release: 1996
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Pages: 28
Colors: Perry McNamee Cover: Bob Eggleton
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla Mason's Vessel
Anthony Romero
The second chapter in Dark Horse's poorly received time travel story line, penned by writer Alex Cox.

The comic covers another ploy by Professor Mason to raid treasures from the past for his own wealth in another time period. The story this time is that Mason sends Godzilla to 1588 to destroy the Spanish Armada so that he can collect the sinking Armada valuables to sell for a fortune in a later era. Overall, the story fails to impress and doesn't really advance the overall plot that Cox is weaving either. The key points to the comic are the capture of Mason's business manager and Mason's discovery that G-Force is tailing him; otherwise the events in this comic fail to matter toward the bigger picture. Furthermore, it fails to entertain as the highlight of the comic is Godzilla fighting the Spanish Armada, which is sandwiched between numerous panels of G-Force interacting with Shakespeare, a running gag that falls flat before it even starts, and Sir Francis Drake. Consequently, this removes any sort of climactic feel the scene might have had, as it happens throughout the course of the comic and G-Force fails to pay attention to Godzilla almost at all.

The art, at least, is a step in the right direction as Brandon McKinney does an excellent job with all the panels with Godzilla. The human characters lack a lot of detail, but one has to admire his attention to Godzilla. The coloring, while oftentimes rather bland, manages to be spot on without any noticeable errors. The cover is, easily, the best aspect of this comic as Bob Eggleton creates a very moody scene with Godzilla emerging above the water with lightning striking in the background.

Overall, unless you are looking to collect the whole series, this issue can easily be skipped without losing much in terms of hte plot.