Godzilla King of the Monsters #1
 Kevin Maguire
Pencils: Brandon McKinney Inks: Keith Aiken
Language: English Release: 1995
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Pages: 32
Colors: Cary Porter Cover: Arthur Adams
Monster Appearances: Aliens, SDF, & Misc Appearances:
Godzilla, Cybersaur VTOL Craft, Type 90 Tanks, F-15 Jets, Black Hole Aliens
Anthony Romero
The first in what would be a short lived, but highly praised, comic series from Dark Horse, this comic moves the story along at a much better pace than the two entries that came before it, Dark Horse Comics #10 and Dark Horse Comics #11, and is also more interesting. We get to see Godzilla in action early on in the comic, and are also introduced to reporter Kate Koshiro, who will become an important character in future comics in the series. The story deals with an injured Godzilla, losing massive amounts of blood from Yoshiwara's formula, rampaging through Canada with G-Force's latest device, a beacon, being unable to stop him. Writer Kevin Maguire deserves some credit here, as this story, meant to establish the start of the series run, does a good job of introducing the scenario while keeping things interesting at this early stage. Unfortunately, though, the dialogue in this issue might have been better in some spots, but is overall rather good. The art in this issue is a little uneven from panel to panel, which will be a reoccurring theme of this series, but it tends to be, for the most part, well done. The opening panel, featuring Godzilla attacking Los Angeles for a predicted outcome, is particularly impressive, though. The cover, by Arthur Adams, might be worth the price of admission alone as it's one of the best ones done for the franchise to date.