V.T.O.L. 垂直離着陸 [Dark Horse]


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Powers / Weapons

Flight; Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacon; Proton Generator


Godzilla Color Special (1992); Godzilla King of the Monsters #1 (1995), Godzilla King of the Monsters #2, #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #13, #14, #15; A Decade of Dark Horse #4

Series // Dark Horse


The Vertical TakeOff and Landing craft (or V.T.O.L. for short) were a series of airborne vehicles that acted as G-Force's main method of transportation in their years-long career of following and studying Godzilla, the nuclear behemoth that had been terrorizing Japan and the world at large since the 1940s. One of the earliest known uses of the craft was in 1992, when G-Force traveled to the island of Kiryoku-shima to warn its inhabitants of Godzilla's inevitable landfall. Landing the V.T.O.L. on the island, G-Force urged the villagers to evacuate, but they refused to abandon their home. Ultimately, the people of Kiryoku-shima were saved by the unexpected arrival of their wrathful deity, Gekido-Jin, who eventually managed to drive the radioactive monster from their island.

The V.T.O.L. wouldn't see more consistent use until 1995, when Godzilla, driven into a crazed, agonized state by a deadly toxin concocted by Professor Noriko Yoshiwara, arose from the sea and made landfall in Canada. G-Force was immediately alerted and members Tadihisa 'Kino' Kinoshita and ​Také Fukuda were sent into action, their V.T.O.L. armed with one of Dr. Kazushi Kagaku's new Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacons. Their craft, named G-Force One, quickly arrived at Godzilla's location and lowered its beacon. At first, the beacon's signal seemed to be doing its job, pacifying Godzilla and quelling his pain-induced fury. However, unbeknownst to the team, the beacon had been sabotaged and it quickly malfunctioned, the corrupted signal triggering Godzilla into a rage. With a blast of his atomic ray, Godzilla clipped the G-Force One, sending it falling from the sky. Kino did his best to keep the crash from being fatal, but while he and ​Také survived, the Pulse Beacon was torn from the craft and disappeared into the woods.

V.T.O.L. [Dark Horse]Soon after Godzilla defeated the United States military's Cybersaur, Dr. Kagaku and his wife Dr. Reiko Kagaku arrived in another V.T.O.L., G-Force Two, picking up Také as well as the demolished Pulse Beacon, as Kino stayed behind to help repair Cybersaur. Once the fully repaired Cybersaur put Godzilla into a coma and the space monster Bagorah arrived on Earth, the V.T.O.L. saw less use as the members of G-Force had to handle the catastrophe directly in multiple ways.

Soon following the defeat of Bagorah, G-Force accompanied Colonel Cameron and his forces as they watched Godzilla approach Portland, bringing with them a newer model of V.T.O.L. which lacked the wings and tail fins of its predecessors and possessed a more box-like body. When an alien race known as the Dianii made their presence known, Kazushi, Reiko, and Kino boarded their new V.T.O.L. so they could move in closer to the Dianii's ship and investigate. Though they attempted to use the V.T.O.L.'s scanners on the spaceship, their instruments were unable to penetrate the unknown elements comprising the vessel's hull. From high above in their craft, the three members of G-Force watched as the Dianii emerged from their ship and began to do battle with Godzilla, intent on hunting and claiming the King of the Monsters as a trophy. Hoping to spare Portland from the inevitable carnage, Reiko suggested trying to communicate with the Dianii and persuading them to take their hunt elsewhere. Kino landed the V.T.O.L. on the street, but Kazushi's attempts at talking to the alien hunters ended in disaster, as the extraterrestrials had no desire to speak with them. Kino got back in the V.T.O.L. to keep an eye on the situation from the air as Kazushi and Reiko stayed on the ground, closely observing the battle between Godzilla and the Dianii as it unfolded.

With the fight between the intergalactic hunters and the nuclear monster only intensifying, there was increasingly little for G-Force to do. Colonel Cameron and his forces revealed themselves to be the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole and reactivated their previously demolished All-Terraintula mech, throwing themselves into the chaos as well. G-Force could do nothing but circle in the V.T.O.L. and watch as the Aliens, the All-Terraintula, the Dianii, and Godzilla all came head to head in a fiery fight to the finish... a fight that Godzilla ultimately won, reducing all of his foes as well as Portland itself into a sea of fire.

V.T.O.L. [Dark Horse]Some time later, using another of the newer model V.T.O.L.s, G-Force engaged Godzilla as the monster stomped through the famed Smile World theme park. Having armed the craft with a proton beam generator, Kazushi had designed the weapon to irritate and repel Godzilla the same way bug repellent works on insects. Opening fire with the cannon-like weapon, the generator's proton beams seemed to have little effect on Godzilla, other than angering him. Just then, a bright yellow glow enveloped the monster, who then proceeded to disappear completely. As the rest of the world began to celebrate the apparent death of Godzilla, back at G-Force headquarters, Kazushi wasn't as quick to join in the festivities. The proton generator wasn't designed to kill Godzilla, let alone vaporize him. When the other members of G-Force asked him what he thought had happened to Godzilla, Kazushi put forth his own theory: His old doctrinal advisor Professor Elmer Mason, who had seemingly gone mad while attempting to make time travel possible, had perfected his time machine and was planning on using Godzilla to steal riches from throughout history!

Eventually, after a long ordeal spanning multiple points in time, the villainous Professor Mason and his time machine were dealt with, and Godzilla was ultimately returned to the present day. Months later, G-Force was able to track the monster to San Javier, Peru. Aboard their research vessel, they brought with them an older model V.T.O.L. more closely resembling G-Forces One and Two than the wingless model utilized during the Dianii incident. Taking to the sky in the craft, the team landed on the island and spoke with the inhabitants there, hearing their witness accounts of a giant monster that had attacked their village. Knowing this behavior was out of character for Godzilla, they followed the monster's trail further inland, discovering a massive tunnel dug by a creature that would come to be known as Burtannus. As ​Také and Kino ventured into the tunnel, Kazushi, Reiko, and Burton Helzer took to the air in the V.T.O.L., intending to help bring supplies to the surviving villagers, but instead finding themselves caught in a fight between the Peruvian Air Force and Godzilla. Realizing that the fight threatened their research vessel, the team landed the V.T.O.L. back on the ship and began to maneuver it out of harm's way.

V.T.O.L. [Dark Horse]Later, as Godzilla made landfall on one of the Society Islands, Kazushi presented Kino and ​Také with the mission to climb onto the monster's body and make their way to his head, planting a pair of electrodes behind his ears that the scientist hoped would be able to render Godzilla unconscious. As the duo approached the rampaging mutant, Burton distracted Godzilla and kept his attention by engaging him with the same original model V.T.O.L. as before. The craft circled Godzilla until a swipe from the monster's clawed hand sent it into a tailspin which Burton just barely managed to pull it out of. Thankfully, the stunt had held Godzilla's focus long enough for ​Také and Kino to grapple onto the reptile and begin their ascent.

The last known use of the V.T.O.L. (again seemingly G-Force One) was in Sydney, Australia, as G-Force helped the Australian military deal with Godzilla's sudden presence on one of their beaches. When a second large presence was detected approaching the area, ​Také and Burton boarded the V.T.O.L. and took to the sky to get a visual. To his horror, ​Také realized that what he initially thought was a sandbar was the creature they were looking for. Rising up from the sea was a monstrous, mutated crustacean, who immediately engaged in battle with Godzilla. As the two monsters fought with one another, they grew closer to the Sydney Opera House, where Kino was currently situated. As fast as they could, ​Burton and Také flew the V.T.O.L. to the Opera House, rescuing Kino mere seconds before Godzilla and the crab creature crashed through it, reducing it to rubble. The three men followed close behind in the V.T.O.L. as the two giants continued their war deeper into Sydney until Godzilla finally tore the sea monster's arm off, winning the fight. Watching Godzilla closely and making sure he returned out to the open ocean, ​Také was able to trace the titanic crustacean's path back to its point of origin: An island by the name of Lord Howe...

Powers / Weapons


As an airborne vehicle, the V.T.O.L. was fully capable of flight. It was powerful enoughto fly through even the harshest of weather conditions with little to no difficulty.

As its name would suggest, the V.T.O.L. was also capable of a completely vertical take off for even greater maneuverability instead of needing to utilize the traditional forward lift off. The craft could also land in the same manner.

Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacon

Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacon

The Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacon was a device created by Dr. Kazushi Kagaku, designed to emit low frequency signals intended to attract and pacify Godzilla so that G-Force could lead him away from any human populations.

Once installed into the V.T.O.L., the Beacon extended from the underbelly of the craft and seemed to be working initially, but it ultimately malfunctioned due to sabotage.

Proton Generator

Proton Generator

The Proton Generator was another anti-Godzilla weapon designed by Dr. Kagaku that was also installed in the V.T.O.L. and extended from its underside. The cannon-like Generator fired proton-plasma beams intended to irritate and repel Godzilla in the same manner as insect repellent, though repeated blasts seemed to do nothing but anger the monster.

Ultimately, how effective the Generator would've proven is unknown, as Godzilla was soon teleported away by Professor Mason.

Background and Trivia
  • Created by Arthur "Art" Adams and Randy Stradley.
  • In Godzilla King of the Monsters #3, Professor Yoshiwara and Burton Helzer are seen utilizing what appears to be a white V.T.O.L. However, it is uncertain if the vehicle is in fact a V.T.O.L. or not, as it is never actually referred to as one, nor is it ever shown flying.
  • The model of V.T.O.L. used in Godzilla King of the Monsters issues #5 through #9 is drastically different than the versions of the craft seen in the comic up until that point. No reason for the change (such as some kind of upgrade) is ever given and at no point during the arc does this model ever display any functional differences from its predecessors.
  • Which specific V.T.O.L. craft appear in which issues, as well as the color of each model, are as follows:
    - G-Force One (red): #1, #13, #14, #15, A Decade of Dark Horse #4
    - G-Force Two (gray): Godzilla Color Special, #2, #3, A Decade of Dark Horse #4
    - "G-Force Three" (blue): #5, #6, #7, #8
    - "G-Force Four" (red): #9
    Note: The designations "G-Force Three" and "G-Force Four" are never actually used in the comics themselves and thus not official, but are simply used here for consistency.