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  Powers/Weapons: Flight; extremely thick hide
First Appearance: Godzilla King of the Monsters #16 (1996)
Series:  Dark Horse  


The king of the monsters had plunged deep into the Earth's crust, and when he awoke, he found himself in the distant past. Godzilla could sense that something was amiss. This ancient world reeked of terror; it reeked of death!

A cursed crimson creature swooped to the Earth and lifted a triceratops away. This "Stranger" was searching for a challenge, and when it discovered Godzilla, it realized that its opportunity had come. It soared toward the saurian savage and knocked it to the ground. Godzilla's retaliation was of little effect, for it had fired its thermonuclear ray into the Stranger's mouth to no avail. As the two mountains of flesh gazed intensely into each other's eyes, they failed to notice the enormous asteroid plummeting toward the planet! Godzilla gripped his furious foe's tail as the meteor collided with the ground. The Stranger realized how dire the situation had become, and it bid a hasty retreat. Godzilla plunged into the Earth's crust yet again, and he mysteriously awoke in his own time.

In the present time, Godzilla grasped a piece of the tail of the colossal creature he had seemingly fought, and only one question remained... did that fateful course of events really happen?