Stranger ストレンジャー

The Stranger

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Wingspan :
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Powers / Weapons

Flight; extreme durability


Godzilla King of the Monsters #16 (1995)

Series // Dark Horse



Through some mysterious cosmic phenomenon, Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, had come to find himself in the Earth's ancient past. The radioactive reptile found himself almost at home amongst his smaller, prehistoric brethren, far away from mankind and their machines of war, which hadn't come to exist yet. But despite the peace, Godzilla couldn't help but feel something nagging at him. A distrust. An unease. A sense of wrongness plaguing his newfound surroundings.

Godzilla was not the only new arrival on prehistoric Earth. Swooping down from the sky, a hulking, dragon-like creature, a stranger, had also just arrived, coming to the planet in search of food. A predator by nature, the Stranger came down, snatching a unsuspecting triceratops in its talons and claiming the hapless reptile for its next meal. But even though the Stranger came to the Earth to find food, it had another, even greater desire: To find a challenge. To find an opponent worthy of a fight, so that the intergalactic beast could best them with its awesome strength and prove itself in the heat of battle. Having finished its meal, it wasn't long before the Stranger found a creature it thought capable of fulfilling its need. Flying in quickly and attacking from behind, the crimson dragon sank its talons into Godzilla's flesh.

StrangerSlammed to the ground by the Stranger's attack, Godzilla raised his head and fired his atomic ray, blasting it down the predator's throat. For most, this would be a devastating blow, but the Stranger barely even noticed it as the four-armed beast and Godzilla continued their fight. The Stranger raked Godzilla with its claws, drawing blood. Godzilla unleashed another atomic blast directly into the Stranger's face. Unfortunately, both leviathans were so engrossed in their struggle that neither of them took notice of the second arrival from the depths of space, approaching at an impossible speed. A meteor, the very same that ended the age of the dinosaurs. The meteor struck the Earth hard, devastating the planet as it began to engulf the land in fire, the impact sending powerful shockwaves in all directions. Godzilla and the Stranger were dangerously close to the point of impact. The Stranger realized that the rapidly spreading flames meant that its food supply would soon be gone, and its opponent, Godzilla, was proving to be more of a challenge than it was looking for. Having lost interest in the Earth, the Stranger decided to vacate the planet.

The meteor's crash continued to punish the Earth as its surface burned and cracked, opening up and sending Godzilla plunging into the depths. Though the Stranger had decided to leave, the dragon-like creature soon discovered that it had made the choice far too late. The shockwave generated by the meteor's impact rapidly caught up with the flying beast, vaporizing the Stranger and freeing the universe from its hunger-fueled terror.

Powers / Weapons


As it possessed a large pair of wings, the Stranger had the ability to fly. It used this power not only to carry itself from planet to planet in search of food, but also for attack purposes, swooping in and catch unsuspecting opponents - or prey - off guard.

Extreme Durability

Extreme Durability

The Stranger seemed to possess a remarkably high degree of durability in its fight with the King of the Monsters. The crimson beast suffered a direct hit into its open mouth from Godzilla's atomic ray and not only suffered no ill effects from it, but didn't even react to it.

That said, the Stranger wasn't completely invulnerable, as it was still incinerated by the shockwave generated by the meteor's impact.

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  • Created by Bob Eggleton.