Sirenjaw サイレンジョー


Length : 13.7-19.8 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons



Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #2 (2017); Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3

Series // MonsterVerse (COMICS)


Indigenous to lakes, the Sirenjaw is a massive creature that lives on the south side of Skull Island. The crocodilian monster, like other species on the island, is a plant and animal hybrid. While young, the beast has a tough, rocky exterior. As the Sirenjaw matures, though, deciduous trees start to grow from its rocky body. This allows the creature to become a literal moving island of its own.

The plant aspect of the Sirenjaw serves a large purpose, though. It not only is used to camouflage the creature, as it will lay in the water with only its back exposed, but also to lure prey. As its target becomes interested in the exotic plant-life, the monster will lay in wait. Once the prey finds itself unsuspectingly on-top of the Sirenjaw, the monster will strike. Using it's huge jaws, the creature will make a quick meal of those unfortunate enough to get caught on its back.

In 1995, a group of MONARCH members found themselves stranded on Skull Island. Looking to rendezvous with their crashed transport, the group ventured across the isle. Joined by Iwi natives, they eventually found themselves on the south side of the island. During this journey, one of the members, anthropologist Walter R. Riccio, wandered ahead. Although warned by the Iwi natives, the words of caution came too late. Riccio had inadvertently wandered on-top of a Sirenjaw.

Sensing its prey, the monster emerged from the water, tossing off the humans on its back. In danger, the MONARCH members and Iwi natives proceeded to run for safety. They spotted a damaged helicopter ahead, left over from an earlier 1973 expedition. As they ran to it, King Kong's footsteps and roar were heard. The group, though, managed to secure firearms. With the weapons, the humans returned to face the Sirenjaw... only to find it dead. The monster battled and lost to Kong quickly, its fate sealed when its jaw was ripped off.

Dead in a pool of water, the carcass began to release its odor into the air. The exotic smells of the Sirenjaw, attracting prey in life, now attracted scavengers in death. Swarmed by Death Jackals and Psychovultures, the humans fled as the beasts fed on the large carcass.

Powers / Weapons


The giant Sirenjaw featured no abnormal abilities.

It likely had powerful jaws, and could stay submerged for long spans of time. The creature also supported indigenous plant life growing on-top of it, while its name hints at this being able to attract prey like a siren. If those plants gave it any abnormal qualities, though, is not directly seen.

Background and Trivia
  • The comic that Sirenjaw appears in, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #2, has not been released in Japan at this time. The creature's Japanese name, therefore, is a proximation of what this might be if they translate the English name as サイレンジョー (Sairen Jo), a literal combination of the words "Siren" (サイレン) and "Jaw" (ジョー).
  • Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #2 has a cryptozoology entry for Sirenjaw. The cryptozoological classification of the monster is "Gigantus Crocodiliad". The overall classification is Megafauna while the sub-divison classification is Siren. The entry notes the beast as being a predator.