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Robotic Devil Dinosaur
  Powers/Weapons: None
First Appearance: The Thing #31 (1986)
Series:  Marvel Comics  


Created by special effects guru Trimble, this animatronic device was the lead prop on the Devil Dinosaur movie. Unfortunately, Ben Grimm, the Thing, mistook the device for an actual dinosaur upon first sight, and attacked the beast in an effort to protect Sharon Ventur and her friends. With a single blow, Ben managed to decimate the jaw of the robot, leaving its creator furious over the damage. Eventually, the machine was repaired and set back into action on the set, while the Thing decided to stay put in his trailer to avoid further hold ups to production. Unfortunately, just as filming started, the mutated Godzilla emerged from the sea to bare witness to this dinosaur-like creature that he had once met before. However, Trimble, controlling his creation, ordered the robot to bite Godzilla in the leg. This caused for retaliation on the part of the King of the Monsters, who quickly ripped apart the smaller machine with his powerful jaws. With the prop dismantled, Godzilla returned to the sea, never to be seen again.