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  Powers/Weapons: Spiked arms; tooth-lined mouth; Anterior Bio-Blade rotating tail that can act as a buzzsaw when spinning fast enough, as well as allow flight
First Appearance: Godzilla King of the Monsters #12 (1978)
Other Appearances: Godzilla King of the Monsters #13, #14
Series:  Marvel Comics  


Sent to Earth by the war-like alien race known as the Megans, the Mega-Monsters - Rhiahn, Triax and Krollar - were sent to slay the most powerful creature on the planet, the only one strong enough to stand in the Megans' way: Godzilla.

Rhiahn arrived on Earth with Krollar, just a few moments behind Triax. They quickly joined the fight, with Rhiahn briefly attacking Godzilla before switching his attention to Red Ronin. As Triax and Krollar tag-teamed Godzilla, the saucer-headed creature overpowered the mechanical warrior, using its Anterior Bio-Blade tail to decapitate the robot. With their warship crippled, the Megans made a last-ditch effort and zapped their Mega-Monsters with an Energex-Ray, doubling their size and making them all tower over Godzilla.

With Red Ronin gone and their power increased, the Mega-Monsters attacked Godzilla with all their might. But even with their enhanced strength, the three of them were no match for Godzilla's rage. Rhiahn attempted to attack Godzilla alongside Krollar, but was distracted by SHIELD forces. After Godzilla had killed its brethren, he attacked Rhiahn as well. Rhiahn chomped on Godzilla with its large mouth, then tried to slice him to pieces with its Anterior Bio-Blade. But Godzilla was able to get his hands on the flying creature and bent its tail toward its neck.

Its head severed by its own blade, Rhian - the last of the Mega-Monsters - had fallen.