Psychovulture サイコ・バルチャー


Length :
Wingspan : 2-3 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Flight; electric discharge


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1 (2017); Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3

Series // MonsterVerse (COMICS)


A lethal airborne species from Skull Island, the Psychovultures lived up to their name through displaying signs of psychopathy. This is the result of their diet, which sees them consume a poisonous puffer-fish indigenous to the local waters. The chemicals in the poison leave the winged-monsters in a constant frenzy. Drooling, they are fueled by aggression with a natural drive to attack and destroy. This insane-like state can even see the creatures turn on themselves, attacking other Psychovultures or their relatively less aggressive sub-species the Leafwing. Their aggression is rarely checked by logic, either. Featuring a relatively small digestive system, built to feed on plants and small animals, they will attack targets far larger than themselves and far too large to ever be consumable.

Tenacity aside, the Psychovultures lack light receptors in their optic nerves. Normally this would suggest blindness; however, they have evolved to utilize a thermal vision instead. This allows them to locate prey based on heat. Aided by echolocation, triggered from jaw clicks and guttural whines, the beasts can spot prey near and far.

In 1995, six members of MONARCH would find themselves on the wrong end of the Psychovultures' detection methods. Covertly visiting the island, traveling by a V-22 Osprey aircraft, the group traversed the fierce storm system surrounding the island. They then witnessed the beauty of the isolated isle, although the tranquility was short lived. Easily detected by the Psychovultures, a huge flock of the winged-beasts descended on the aircraft. Overflowing with rage, the creatures assaulted the airborne vehicle. Lacing into it with a lightning-like attack, the ship caught fire. The winged-monsters then flew into close range, using their claws to rip into the aircraft.

Doomed to a crash landing, the pilot ordered the other five members to parachute out. As they escaped, the pilot stayed behind, attempting to navigate the ship to mitigate damage as it plummted to the ground. Meanwhile, the Psychovultures circled the crew from above, simply roaring at each other and watching as their former targets parachuted below them...

After death and hardships, though, a group of the MONARCH survivors find themselves staying among the local Iwi natives. Eventually they embark on a quest to find the V-22 Osprey plane that the Psychovultures downed. During their travel, they stumble upon a huge Sirenjaw kaiju. Quickly escaping, the group hears King Kong approach as they locate weapons to fight. By the time they return, though, Kong has already killed the monster, ripping out its top jaw. The dead body, though, attracts scavengers to the area. Three Psychovultures and a group of Death Jackals rush the body, ready to feed. Sensing the danger, the MONARCH survivors escape from the area.

Powers / Weapons


The creatures feature a soft tissue patagium that stretches across a rigid bone structure. This allows the bat-like beasts to fly and glide in the winds above Skull Island.

Electric Discharge

Electric Discharge

Psychovulture were able to release an electric discharge from their mouth. This lighting-like attack would strike the intended target with tremendous force.

This attack was used to down a V-22 Osprey aircraft in 1995.

Background and Trivia
  • The official Discover Skull Island site features a Psychovulture cryptozoology entry. The cryptozoological classification of the creature there is "Vultura Insanus". The overall classification of the Psychovulture is Ctenochasmatoidea, the same as a group of a group of pterosaurs. Their sub-division is Reptilia Aves Hybrid. The site also mentions the creatures as being omnivorous.
  • The official Japanese site for the Kong: Skull Island (2017) movie, run by Warner Bros., has a listing for the creature, despite not appearing in the film. However, their English name is listed as "Pschyo Vulture", two words. In addition, the creatures are given a wingspan of 2-3 meters. This is slightly larger than the cryptozoology entry that lists 5-9 feet, which would translate into 1.5-2.7 meters.
  • As depicted in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1, the creatures would appear to be much larger than the 2-3 meter wingspan mentioned. This is due to their toe claw, which at one point rips into the V-22 aircraft, appearing to be larger than a human forearm.
  • The roar of the Psychovulture is heard during Legendary's promotional trailer for the Skull Island: The Birth of Kong series. Due to the source sample, the roar on this bio features some distorted music that we were unable to remove.