MUTO Prime ムートー・プライム

MUTO Prime
MUTO Prime

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Powers / Weapons

Supersonic roar; advanced echolocation; ovipositors; shockwaves; burrowing; radiation absorption


Godzilla: Aftershock (2019)

Series // MonsterVerse (COMICS)


Ancient history referred to it as the “Earthquake Beetle” or the “Dragon Beetle”, and alternatively the “Unclean Thing”, but the natives of the Land of the Rising Sun gave it the name Jinshin-Mushi. In the 11th century BCE, Phoenician travelers were shipwrecked along the Japanese shores, saved by the sea deity Dagon and taken in by the native inhabitants. However, from the deepest recesses lurked an abomination who stepped into the light to oppose Dagon. The legendary Titans fought in a brutal battle, which came to an end with Jinshin-Mushi triumphant. Summoning tentacle-like spears, it pierced the flesh of Dagon and retreated back into the shadows from whence it came.

Jinshin-Mushi wouldn’t resume noteworthy activity until 2014, months after the San Francisco incident, as the epicenter of tectonic commotions that originated in the Kyushu providence. The monster left behind a trail all the way to Guam, where it finally emerged. After consuming a nuclear submarine, Godzilla arrived at the scene and confronted the abominable creature. Delaying Godzilla with a sucker punch, Jinshin-Mushi retreated and burrowed into the earth as Godzilla trailed it in hot pursuit.

MUTO PrimeLater on, MONARCH agents were tasked with studying this new creature to figure out how it ticked. Flying to Kyushu at the request of the Japanese government, they investigated the cavern in which Jinshin-Mushi was reportedly first sighted at. Blast residue was found within its lair, implying the use of explosives. But the investigation came to an abrupt end when the foul monster tunneled through, paying no mind to the tiny intruders in its cave.

Brought back to safety of the shrine, the monks shared their scrolls and revealed the monstrosity as Jinshin-Mushi: an entity said to be the preceding form of the fish kami Jinshin-Namazu. Legend had it that it was mortal enemies with Raijin, the Lord of Thunder, in a time that preceded the foundation of the shrine.

The next time Jinshin-Mushi was located, it was found in the Barents Sea near Russia. It destroyed a Russian sub, with Godzilla not far behind. Yet the ancient enemy outpaced Godzilla once more, making way toward the nuclear power plant in Creys-Malville, France. It siphoned the nuclear energy from the facility, but not before Godzilla intervened with a blast of his atomic breath.

The two Titans clashed headfirst, tackling and clawing each other. During the skirmish, the parasitic destroyer bashed the ground and generated a powerful shockwave, which threw Godzilla into the air and displaced the rain. As the King of the Monsters skidded across the terrain, Jinshin-Mushi approached the fallen Titan and prepared its ovipositors to do their deed. But Godzilla quickly slashed the abomination across the face, forcing it to postpone its original plans. With that, MUTO Prime tunneled back into the earth, leaving the weakened and battle-scarred Godzilla to chase by sea once more.

Meanwhile, MONARCH made a breakthrough in their research. Discovering hatched MUTO casings in Siberia and provided with the inscribed Phoenician tablets by the Japanese government, it shed light on not just the ancient rivalry between the MUTOs and the Godzillas, but also the developmental cycle of the MUTOs. The creature known as Jinshin-Mushi, dubbed MUTO Prime due to the numerous anatomical parallels, was a parasitic creature by nature, implanting its eggs to pave way for a male and female MUTO to procreate. From there, the female MUTO would produce a new subspecies in numerous numbers, evolved to reshape, if not outright eradicate, ecosystems to suit their own ends. After all was said and done, the remaining MUTOs would exterminate each other until only the strongest among them survived - and they would carry on to be the next MUTO Prime.

MUTO PrimeGeological dating for both the Philippines and Siberia correspond with known mass extinction events in Earth’s history, further proving that this cycle of incubation played out multiple times. In addition, the tablets coincide with a global dark age, with the disappearance of art and culture ranging from Cambodia to Egypt. However, it was also discovered that MUTOs emit a pulse that inform MUTO Prime when the eggs have been safely deposited in the host. It was postulated that replicating that noise, known as the “Drums of Raijin”, could pacify the MUTO parent and give Godzilla the edge needed to overcome MUTO Prime.

Contact was made regarding MUTO Prime’s whereabouts, and a giant sound station was set up at the Azores, off the coast of Portugal, in order to employ the replication of the “Drums of Raijin”. While it succeeded in garnering MUTO Prime’s attention, the plan ultimately backfired due to a lack of frequency modulation; the pulses required more fine-tuning to sound like they were coming from inside the body of a Godzilla-type creature. MUTO Prime quickly decimated the sound station and proceeded back underground, headed towards the Beartooth Mountains in Montana for submarine cores.

Before it could rip into the mountainside to indulge itself, Godzilla intervened and initially had the upper hand. But MUTO Prime struck back just as hard, the two trading blows until MUTO Prime pulled out its trump card. Generating sonic vibrations, MUTO Prime screamed a supersonic roar that reverberated throughout Godzilla’s entire body, shattering his dorsal plates in the process. With its victim in a weakened enough state to incubate its eggs, MUTO Prime prepared to use its ovipositors to finish what it started. However, courtesy of the MONARCH agents who retrieved a frequency emitter prototype called the ORCA, the device replicated the “Drums of Raijin” and pacified MUTO Prime. The behemoth turned to retreat, fooled into believing its target to already be a host to MUTO eggs, but Godzilla had other plans. Tackling MUTO Prime, Godzilla forcefully hoisted the monstrosity onto his broken spines and, summoning all the atomic energy he could muster, unleashed a nuclear pulse that sent MUTO Prime soaring sky high. The mammoth MUTO fell back to the earth, where Godzilla proceeded to finish it off by crunching its head under his heel, ending the giant MUTO’s reign.

Powers / Weapons
Supersonic roar

Supersonic roar

MUTO Prime can generate tremendous sonic vibrations and unleash them as a concussive blast from its mouth. It ravages the target’s body and has been demonstrated to have enough power to shatter Godzilla’s dorsal spines.

Advanced Echolocation

Advanced Echolocation

Much like its offspring, MUTO Prime can use echolocation to detect sources of radioactivity, even down to specific radiation emissions that are attuned to other Titans’ senses.

This echolocation is also used as a means of communicating and listening, as incubated MUTO eggs emit a distinct sonic pulse from the host when they have been safely deposited, sending Prime from fight to flight mode. This is referred to as “the Drums of Raijin” effect.



These arrow-tipped tentacles are guided by glands sensitive to the uranium found in Titan blood. They have the strength to pierce Titan flesh and reflexive speed like that of a scorpion. Once a Titan is subjugated, the ovipositors deposit the eggs into the Titan’s stomach lining, which slowly feed on the nuclear-rich hemoglobin and eventually kill the host.

The dormant embryos enter a gestation period that spans centuries before emerging as a male and female subspecies with the imperative to reproduce.



MUTO Prime uses its large forearms to generate powerful shockwaves, capable of knocking Godzilla off his feet. In the past, MUTO Prime employed earthquakes as a means of attracting other Titans.



MUTO Prime's large forelimbs can tear through the earth with ease, allowing it to tunnel into the planet and appear nearly anywhere it desires. Such speeds also create supershear earthquakes in their wake and are misidentified as natural tectonic activity.

Radiation absorption

Radiation Absorption

MUTO Prime is a radiation-dependent superorganism, and therefore feeds on it for sustenance. However, Prime relies on a Titan’s internal nuclear furnace for its eggs, unlike that of its offspring.

Background and Trivia
  • Its roar can be heard in the "Godzilla: Aftershock Official Graphic Novel Trailer" uploaded by Legendary.
  • In the Godzilla: King of the Monsters novelization, the remains of MUTO Prime have been relocated to Bermuda, where they are being studied and dissected in Monarch Outpost 54 alongside other Titans such as the two MUTO from Godzilla (2014).
  • In its "Superspecies Profile" located in the back of the Aftershock comic, its classification is "Titanus Jinshin-Mushi", its nature being "Bio-terrestrial", its behavior labeled as "Destroyer", and its range being "Worldwide".
  • A post on Drew Edward Johnson's Instagram page revealed the original design sheet of MUTO Prime, which laid out specific details of its design. It should be noted that "Design B" underwent further revisions before becoming the final design.

    Although MUTO Prime was said to have wings, Johnson clarified in the comments section of his post: "my thought was that she has the wings, but her lifespan and evolution have been so long that the wings have devolved into uselessness due to her preference for underground travel."