Lord Howe Monster ロード ハウ モンスター

Lord Howe Monster
Lord Howe Monster

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Powers / Weapons

Eye beams; giant claws


Godzilla King of the Monsters #15 (1996)

Series // Dark Horse



To the east of Australia, off the shores of the small body of land known as Lord Howe Island, a yacht had arrived. Aboard the craft were four world renown nuclear physicists, who had been invited to the island by an unknown host. As a motorboat took the four men from their yacht to the island's shores, the mystery of their host's identity was soon solved as they found her waiting for them on the docks: Doctor Yamazaki, a mysterious woman adorned in sunglasses and a red, kimono-like outfit.

Lord Howe MonsterWelcoming her guests and inviting them inside her facility, Yamazaki explained to them that their work in the world of nuclear power had greatly inspired her own. This confused the four physicists, as in her letters to them, Yamazaki had mentioned that she was a marine biologist. The men began to grow more and more suspicious of her as they traveled further into her facility, a suspicion that only increased upon seeing a massive nuclear reactor. When asked why a marine biologist would need such a machine, Yamazaki proceeded to explain that while working to preserve the island's wildlife, she had discovered a new species of crustacean some years prior. To survive, the crustaceans required vast amounts of radiation. As if on cue, a large eye opened in front of the reactor's window, revealing a massive living creature within.

Down at the reactor's controls, Yamazaki asked one of her guests - Professor Stevens of the Manhattan Project - to throw a switch for her. It was only after he obliged did she reveal that the switch controlled the doors to the tunnels leading outside, granting freedom to the gigantic beast they'd just seen.

Leaving the facility and heading out into the open sea, the creature made a beeline for the yacht the four physicists had arrived on, demolishing it in a single blow with a large crustaceous claw, killing the entire crew as well as Professor Stevens' own wife. Though the four men were outraged, Doctor Yamazaki had them escorted out of the room at gunpoint. As they were taken away, one of Yamazaki's lab assistants informed her that her creature was leaving the island and heading southwest towards the mainland.

In that same direction, Godzilla had come to Sydney. However, the monster was in a surprisingly tranquil mood, simply standing on a beach, gazing out at the ocean as he sunned himself, rather than attacking the city. Despite this, the Australian military stood by, ready to attack if need be, but not making the first move, due to G-Force's advice. The scene was tense, but quiet, as everyone waited and hoped that Godzilla would simply leave the city.

Unfortunately, complications arose as Také announced that a satellite scan had revealed a large object heading towards them from the northeast. At Dr. Kagaku's orders, Také joined Burton in the V.T.O.L., taking off to get a visual of the approaching object. At first, it seemed to be a false alarm, with the only thing Také spotting from the air being a large sandbar... Only to then realize that the sandbar was moving and was in fact the object they were looking for. As the object made its way towards Sydney, Godzilla opened his eyes, sensing the oncoming presence.

Lord Howe MonsterTo the shock of everyone present, the object proceeded to stand up from the waves, revealing Yamazaki's creature in all its glory; a massive, humanoid crustacean, just as big as Godzilla. On the right side of its body was a single, powerful arm with a large crab claw at the end of it. On the left side were two smaller arms, each with a claw of their own.

For a moment, the two giant monsters simply stared at one another, sizing the other up. The crustacean creature was the first to attack, unleashing twin beams of emerald energy from its stalk eyes, blasting Godzilla in the face. Before the reptile could recover, the creature lashed out with its large claw, knocking Godzilla clean off his feet. The monster from Lord Howe Island pressed its attack, firing its eye beams again. This time Godzilla was able to grab hold of the creature and they rolled into the harbor, heading towards the metropolitan area. Godzilla unleashed a blast of his atomic ray at the crustaceous beast, but the creature recovered and tackled his foe, sending both monsters crashing through the Sydney Opera House, reducing it to rubble. As the two behemoths continued their battle, they headed further into Sydney, causing even greater damage. Yamazaki's creature continued to assault Godzilla with its eye beams, sending the Monster King to the ground. Godzilla recovered quickly, however, goading the creature into leaping over an attempted tail slap, only to blast his foe with his atomic breath in mid air. Before the creature could recover, Godzilla grabbed a nearby monorail train and brought it down onto the crustacean's face.

Recovering quickly, the Lord Howe monster proceeded to blast Godzilla with its energy beams over and over, getting closer and closer to its foe in the process, not realizing until too late that Godzilla had taken hold of its right arm's claw. With a mighty tug, Godzilla tore the creature's entire right arm out of its socket. Stunned, Yamazaki's creature immediately ceased its attack and collapsed, bleeding to death as the King of the Monsters announced his victory with a mighty roar.

Powers / Weapons
Eye Beams

Eye Beams

Yamazaki's creature was capable of firing twin beams of green energy from its eyes. These were likely a side effect of its radioactive mutation, similar to Godzilla's own atomic ray.

These beams were moderately powerful, able to stagger Godzilla or even blast him off his feet entirely. Notably, the creature seemed to favor aiming its beams at its opponent's face.

Giant Claws

Giant Claws

Yamazaki's creature possessed the same type of pincer claws as other crustaceans, but was unique due to having three instead of the usual two.

Its right arm was rather large and sturdy, wielding an absolutely massive claw at the end of it. The creature seemed to prefer using this claw more as a battering weapon, able to knock the King of the Monsters off his feet with a single blow, never once opening and clamping it down on his foe. The creature also had two arms on the left, both of which were rather small and spindly, with claws to match. The two smaller claws were never used directly to attack on their own, and seem to be more for latching onto and holding opponents in place while attacking them with the right arm's claw.

Background and Trivia
  • Created by Ryder T. Windham.
  • Yamazaki's creature is never given a proper name, only ever referred to as "the creature" by the mysterious doctor, her lab assistant, and G-Force. Even "the Lord Howe Monster" is only ever used once, on the cover of Godzilla King of the Monsters #15 and never within the story itself.
  • In an interview given at the time in G-FAN magazine, it was said that Toho gave Dark Horse one guideline to follow concerning the Lord Howe monster: it could not be colored red. While an official reason as to why wasn't given, it was assumed it was so that it would not look too similar to Toho's own Ebirah.
  • Yamazaki's creature can be seen in the background on a monitor in G-Force's Arctic base in the A Decade of Dark Horse #4 short story "The Origins of a Species."