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Godzilla King of the Monsters (1987); Godzilla King of the Monsters #12

Series // Dark Horse



For countless centuries, an eons-old stone slab covered in ancient runes lay buried deep within the earth on the Japanese island of Honshu. But as time marched on and human civilization progressed, the slab eventually became unearthed by a construction crew in 1940s Tokyo. Thinking it an amazing discovery, Professor Morio Yoshiwara investigated the stone, finding that it was releasing increasing amounts of radiation. After a large, leech-like creature emerged from a hole within the slab and attacked one of his assistants, Yoshiwara began to obsess over it, trying to find the answers to the stone's origins.

He began reading about strange phenomena taking place recently. One such incident involved a mass migration of locusts from a small fishing village in Kyushu. The swarms became increasingly larger and denser, until witnesses said they became more like clouds which blotted out the sun. The migration further baffled witnesses as the locusts were headed out to sea in the direction of the South Pacific, where nothing would be waiting for them.

InagosAt last, Yoshiwara had deciphered the strange carvings on the stone slab and ran to the construction site to warn his superiors as well as the construction crew. The markings served as a warning to anyone who read them and referred to an age of monsters. The slab had been buried on Honshu thousands of years ago, long before humans had settled on the island, in order to protect the world from a race of beasts known as the Disaster Monsters. Every three to four thousand years, the destructive creatures would wake up en masse and seek out the slab, as if somehow called to it. Yoshiwara believed that three of these beasts - Soran, Inagos, and Godzilla - had already awakened and were on their way towards Japan. Unfortunately, none of them believed his findings, and he was fired for what was believed to be the ramblings of a mad man.

Much to Yoshiwara's horror, his mad ramblings were proven true that very same day. Locusts began to fill the skies of Tokyo, swarming people as they tried to escape. Minutes later, Godzilla rose from Tokyo Bay and began to attack the city as he made his way inland towards the slab, driven to answer its call. At the same time, Inagos - an enormous insect larva - hatched from his equally massive egg, surrounded by chanting worshippers. Enacting a plan to lure Godzilla away from Japan, Yoshiwara coerced Burton Helzer, the foreman of the construction crew, to carry the slab away with a helicopter. As Yoshiwara gave his life to distract Godzilla, Helzer carried the slab away from the city and out to sea. Leaving Tokyo behind him, Godzilla followed Helzer's helicopter out to the open ocean, swimming after the stone. As Godzilla and Soran closed in on the slab, Inagos left his island home, wading out into the sea and zeroing in on the stone's call.

Realizing that Godzilla was growing even closer, Helzer prepared to drop the slab into the ocean's depths, only to suddenly be attacked by Soran. Caught between the two Disaster Monsters, Helzer finally released the ancient stone into the waves below. With the slab sinking further and further into the ocean's depths and Godzilla the only one capable of following it, Inagos realized he had lost his chance and returned to his island home, where he would remain for another few thousand years until the slab called to him once again.

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While the Locust-King no doubt possesses special powers, he did not display any of them in his attempt to track down the slab and answer its call. He did, however, show the ability to swim. Furthermore, in the time leading up to his birth, all locusts in the vicinity were driven to form swarms so massive that they were capable of blocking the sun as they made their way to Inagos' island domain.

Background and Trivia
  • Created by Randy Stradley and Steve Bissette.
  • According to Professor Yoshiwara's translations, the monster's full name is "Inagos the Locust-King."
  • Despite the title of "Locust-King" and overall locust motif, Inagos more closely resembles a cicada larva than either a larval or adult locust.
  • In Godzilla King of the Monsters #12, after the villainous Professor Mason has used his time travel technology to bring Godzilla to the futuristic city of Harmony Cluster Nine for his own evil purposes, he ponders doing the same to other cities of the future by using other "historic monsters" to accomplish similar results. One of the monsters he imagines running amok throughout time for his scheme is Inagos.