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Hero Zero
Height: 1.5-92 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; able to alter his own size up to 92 meters; can change to and from his human form at will
First Appearance: Godzilla Versus Hero Zero (1995)
Series:  Dark Horse  


Out at sea, a ship was making a routine voyage when suddenly a large humanoid burst from the ocean. It was Hero Zero, a gigantic, size-shifting superhero who, in reality, was a boy named David, together with a mysterious being known as Zero, who guided the boy in the use of his powers through something akin to telepathy. Zero instructed the boy to stop playing around and head back to San Diego. Flying at astonishing speeds away from the ship, Hero Zero began to make a return voyage home. On his way, he soared over what appeared to be a coral reef, yet it was oddly high above the surf...

Back in San Diego, Hero Zero reverted into his normal, human form and set out for a comic book convention with his father and his friend Billy. The three were enjoying themselves when suddenly the loud speakers blared and a horrible message was relayed: Godzilla was coming. Skepticism swept through the crowds, as people laughed and ignored the warning… that is, until they stepped outside.

Godzilla was ravaging the city, much to the horror of his victims below. David ran away from his father and Billy, using this time to transform into Hero Zero! He flew into the air and marveled at Godzilla's height as he began to close the distance between himself and his enemy. Utilizing his ability to alter his own size, Hero Zero clashed with Godzilla, and neither appeared to gain an advantage. Then Godzilla plowed through two large buildings. Though Hero Zero tried valiantly to keep the buildings from plummeting to the ground below, he was ultimately blasted away by the colossal dinosaur's nuclear flames. Hero Zero witnessed the fall of debris onto a nearby bus and sped to the rescue. His father, who was located inside, was still alive, but his friend was not so lucky...

Hero Zero flew into a massive rage over the death of his best friend, and viciously attacked Godzilla. As he sliced through the sky in his attack, he noticed the creature's spines, which looked exactly like the coral reef he had flown over earlier. David was shockd to discover that it was his fault that the nuclear menace had been attracted to the San Diego area, and, amidst this realization, was knocked to the ground by the sadistic saurian's tail.

Zero informed David that he was running low on power, and that they needed to get rid of Godzilla, and quickly too! Hero Zero grabbed Godzilla and sped out to sea, where he let him plummet into the watery depths. However, when Zero's power ran out, David reverted into his human self and he, too, fell into the ocean below...