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Dianii Ship


Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; able to fire a large array of blasts from the yellow orb located on the bottom of the ship; equipped with a cloaking mechanism; features strong shielding

First Appearance: Godzilla King of the Monsters #5 (1995)
Other Appearances: Godzilla King of the Monsters #6, #7, #8

Series:  Dark Horse  


Emerging from hyperspace near Jupiter's orbit came a massive crimson vessel. Uncloaking on Earth, the vessel's occupants - the Dianii - began waging their war on Godzilla. But as the Dianii battled Godzilla, their ship was boarded by the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole, who planned on using the mighty craft as their means to conquer the Earth. Arriving at the battle scene, the Black Hole Aliens unleashed the Dianii ship's impressive firepower upon Godzilla. The blasts never stopped, and even when Godzilla returned fire with his atomic ray, it was blocked by the ship's powerful shields. Just as it seemed the craft would slay Godzilla, the female Dianii removed a component necessary for the shields to function.

With a powerful blast of his atomic ray, Godzilla brought the Dianii ship down in a massive explosion.