Death Jackal デスジャッカル

Death Jackal
Death Jackal

Length : 1.8-3.6 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons



Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1 (2017); Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3, #4

Series // MonsterVerse (COMICS)


Hyper-energetic, razor claws and a berserk frenzy mixed together to make up one of the deadly denizens of Skull Island. The Death Jackal lived in a constant state of rapid ferocity, causing them to be dangerous to approach. However, if left alone for a long enough span of time, the creature's blood lust will be turned on its own kind. Killing and eating each other in acts of cannibalism, consuming the calcium rich white blood that coarse through their veins, the Death Jackals are as much a threat to themselves as others. In situations were food is hard to come by, the beast will actually start to devour itself. This includes chewing off their own appendages, like a leg, with little thought of long term self preservation in these acts.

Despite their self-destructive nature, and antagonism to their own kind, the beasts will still sometimes hunt in packs. In 1995, members of MONARCH visited the island and happened upon a large pack of the creatures. Five members in total confronted the Death Jackals, including Aaron Brooks, Evegenij Medov, Evelyn Matemavi, Helen Karsten and Walter R. Riccio. The creatures had got the jump on them, with the crew worried about larger creatures which caused them to put their guard down for smaller threats.

The beasts wasted little time, lunging and killing Helen, a survival instructor who tried in vein to protect the others. Biting her in the chest, the creatures then proceeded to viciously tear her apart, tossing her severed limps about. The rest of the group attempted to hide in a cave, using their guns to score head shots against approaching Death Jackals. It was not long before the group was overrun, though, with Evegenij suffering a bite wound to the shoulder area. Others defended themselves with bladed weapons in close combat.

Suddenly, a huge fist outside slammed down on several of the creatures, killing them on impact. Unfolding, the hand then reached in the cave to grab more of the Death Jackals. This time, the hand closed on several of the reptile-like creatures, crushing them. Realizing the danger but also curious to the source, the rest of the beasts left the cave. This ended up being their undoing, as the giant creature, King Kong, raised his foot and smashed the surviving Death Jackals.

Later, after time spent staying with the Iwi natives, the MONARCH survivors explore the island with a few of the locals. In their travels, they come across a giant Sirenjaw monster. The group flees as King Kong advances on the monster after they escape. In the chaos, Kong slays the beast. The survivors come across the carcass, but the rotting corpse attracts others on the island. Lured by the smell, Psychovultures and a pack of four hungry Death Jackals arrive. The creatures quickly descend to feast on the Sirenjaw's remains, while the MONARCH survivors flee the scene.

Much later, the MONARCH survivors find themselves in a dire situation when Walter R. Riccio loses his grip on sanity. Killing two members of the group, the rest are held at gunpoint by the man. He then reveals his plan: to destroy the walls of the Iwi village. He plans to do this to attract King Kong, for whom Riccio has become fanatical about. However, his ravings attract the attention of some local Death Jackals. Three of the creatures emerge to attack the group. Leaping at Riccio, the madman opens fire, blasting two of them in the head. As he confronts the third, the other survivors and Iwi natives flee. Shortly after, Riccio runs off as well.

Powers / Weapons


The Death Jackal had no abnormal abilities.

It does feature claws, one particular elongated claw on its hand, and had a strong bite attack, equal in force to that of a great white shark. Despite appearances, the creature's shaggy looking mane is actually composed of an exoskeleton. However, this did not appear to grant the creature a tactical advantage.

Background and Trivia
  • The comic that the species appears in, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1, has not been released in Japan at this time. The creature's Japanese name, therefore, is a proximation of what this might be if they translate the English name as デスジャッカル (Desujakkaru).
  • The roar of the Death Jackal is heard during Legendary's promotional trailer for the Skull Island: The Birth of Kong series.
  • Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1 has a cryptozoology entry for the Death Jackal. The cryptozoological classification of the creature there is "Spinae Mortem". The overall sub-divison classification is Canus. It should also be mentioned that under the MONARCH designation category the creature is called a Deathjackal, as one word with no spaces. However, other references on the entry use two words, likely hinting the single word version was a typo.
  • Images of the Death Jackal are seen during the Monarch Files 2.0 bonus feature on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.