Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Height : 1.98 - 94 meters
Mass : 114 kilograms - 57,500 tons

Powers / Weapons

Basketball; enhanced durability


Godzilla vs. Barkley (1993)

Series // Dark Horse


Somewhere in California, National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley was on an undisclosed beach, preparing to shoot a commercial. As to be expected, a large crowd of fans and onlookers had gathered, all wanting to meet the athlete, each of them claiming to be his biggest fan. One of these was a young boy named Matthew, who was accompanied by his grandfather. Unfortunately, Matthew couldn't even get close to Barkley and was turned away by security. Seeing how dejected his grandson was, Matthew's grandfather tried to cheer him up by reassuring him that he would be as big a star as Barkley one day. He gave Matthew a special silver dollar coin that his grandfather gave him, claiming that it had magical properties.

As the two of them continued down the beach, they watched as a shipwreck survivor that had washed ashore was being tended to by a crowd. Weakly, the sailor tried to warn them about the oncoming threat, the creature that had sunk his ship: Godzilla. Only Matthew recognized the name, and as if on cue, the radioactive reptile rose up from the sea, approaching the shore and terrorizing the beach goers. As people fled, the United States Air Force arrived and began to attack Godzilla with fighter jets, but the assault proved useless, as the monster shot the planes out of the sky with his atomic breath.

Charles BarkleySeeing the threat the monster posed, Matthew knew there was only one person who could stop him: Charles Barkley! Hopping onto a skateboard, the boy sped back to the commercial set, just as Barkley's entourage were encouraging him to evacuate before Godzilla got any closer. Pulling a stunt on a makeshift ramp, Matthew leapt into the air and flipped into Charles' arms. Now with Barkley's attention, Matthew implored him to take on Godzilla, offering him the magic silver dollar his grandfather gave him. At first, Barkley rebuked Matthew's attempts, saying if he really wanted to give Charles money, he should buy a ticket to a game. But when Matthew said only Barkley could stop Godzilla because he was Earth's greatest warrior, the NBA star started listening. Annoyed with his entourage's incessant nagging, Sir Charles fired the lot of them, then left the beach with Matthew.

As Godzilla made his way further inland and started attacking the city, Charles drove with Matthew in his convertible, keeping the rampaging monster in sight. Matthew explained the legend of the silver dollar to Barkley, but although the athlete was listening, he still didn't fully believe him. Spotting a basketball court, Matthew told Charles to pull over. Frustrated by Barkley's indifference, the boy said he'd teach the basketball star a lesson on the court. To see which of them would go first, Matthew flipped the silver dollar and told Barkley to call it. When Charles called 'Heads,' the coin landed on its side, standing up straight and shocking them both. When Charles knelt down to pick it up, the coin's magic surged through him, and he rapidly increased in height, becoming an absolute giant! With his newfound size, Barkley turned his head and spotted Godzilla demolishing the city. Finally, he knew what had to be done.

Marching down the street, Sir Charles called out to Godzilla, trash talking him as if he were an opponent on the court. A news reporter, watching the disaster unfold in her helicopter, asked Barkley what he was doing. Charles explained that he was going to try and lead Godzilla out of the city by challenging him to a game of basketball, as it was a little-known fact that the King of the Monsters was a sucker for the sport. Challenging Godzilla to a game, Barkley bounced his basketball off the monster's face. Enraged, Godzilla returned fire with a blast of his atomic ray, an attack that Charles just barely managed to avoid. Despite this initial violence, Charles was able to lead Godzilla out of the city, some miles away to Scarfe Air Force Base, planning to use the facility as their court.

Charles BarkleyWith the two giants ready to play, Charles explained the rules to Godzilla: The first one to score fifteen points would be the winner, and to be nice, he told the reptile he'd let him have the ball first. With Charles pulling down a large ring from the base's old shuttle scaffold, the two players had themselves a monster-sized basketball hoop. Though Godzilla made the first basket, the NBA star soon got ahold of the ball, and Sir Charles' speed was too much for the monster to handle. Frustrated that Barkley now had the higher score, Godzilla unleashed an atomic blast that reduced the basketball to molten sludge. Angry at the monster's unsportsmanlike conduct, Barkley gave him a verbal dressing down before acknowledging Godzilla's skills and offering him some help with his basketball career. Together, the two walked off, leaving the Air Force base behind them.

Some time later, having relocated to a remote canyon somewhere in Utah, Barkley was true to his word, providing Godzilla with his very own basketball, hoop, and sneakers. Instructing the monster to practice and perform one million lay-ups, he promised to check up on Godzilla in about a hundred years.

Now shrunk back to regular size, Charles eventually made his way back to the city, intent on finding Matthew and returning the silver dollar to him. He found the youth at the same basketball court as before, arguing with another kid that he could not only swish a ball, but that he also knew Charles Barkley personally, neither of which the other boy believed. Announcing his presence, Charles returned the coin to Matthew, then watched as he proceeded to swish the ball, winning his bet with the other kid.

Powers / Weapons


When Sir Charles was grown to enormous size by Matthew's silver dollar, the basketball he was holding grew with him.

While the ball possessed no special abilities, it could still be used in an offensive manner in the same way a normal basketball could, by being thrown at opponents. The ball was eventually melted by a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath.

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Durability

While for the most part Sir Charles was still an ordinary human being with no special powers when giant sized, he did seemingly acquire an enhanced durability from the silver dollar's magic.

As Godzilla scored his first ball, he smacked Barkley across the face with his tail, but the NBA star didn't seem any worse for wear. Later, when Godzilla melted the basketball with his atomic breath, the ball was in Barkley's hands, and the athlete showed absolutely no reaction to it.

Background and Trivia
  • Charles Barkley's height of 94 meters and mass of 57,500 tons comes from a promotional "Godzilla / Barkley: World Tour '92" T-shirt released in 1992 by both Nike and Toho in conjunction with the Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley television commercial. The full information provided for Barkley on the shirt is as follows:

    Barkley, Charles Sir
    Height: 310 feet
    Weight: 57,500 tons
    Date of Birth: February 20, 1963
    Position: Power Forward
    Special Abilities: Thundering Court Smashing Slams
    Secret Weapons: Glass Breaking, Monster Shaking Rebounds
    Favorite Food: Mom's Home Cooking
    Shoes: Nike Air Ballistic Force
  • The team that Charles Barkley played for when the TV commercial was being filmed was the Philadelphia 76ers (the ad ended up airing a few months after he had been traded from the team). By the time the comic book was released, he was then playing for the Phoenix Suns. However, Dark Horse either didn't bother trying, or did try and was unsuccessful, in reaching a deal with the NBA; Neither team is mentioned in the comic.
  • In the commercial, Barkley wore a white basketball jersey with a large Nike logo on the front. Here, Nike is never referred to by name (although their logo can be seen on Barkley's and Godzilla's sneakers in various panels), and the NBA star instead wears a blank blue jersey for a majority of the comic.
  • The panel of Barkley and Godzilla walking away from Scarfe Air Force Base is a direct visual callback to the end of the TV commercial in which the two giants walk off together. Barkley's line, "I know some people could make you some shoes..." is even reminiscent of his line in the Japanese version of the ad: "Have you ever thought about wearing shoes?"
  • The final score of Charles and Godzilla's basketball game was 4 to 2 in Charles' favor.