Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens ブラックホール第三惑星人 [Dark Horse]

Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens [Dark Horse Comics]
Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens

Height : Varies
Mass : Varies

Powers / Weapons

Shapeshifting; electric prods; energy cannons


Godzilla King of the Monsters #1 (1995); Godzilla King of the Monsters #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Series // Dark Horse


When Godzilla arose from the sea northwest of Vancouver in a frenzied state due to a poison he'd been injected with courtesy of Professor Noriko Yoshiwara, Colonel Cameron of the United States Military was immediately in contact with G-Force. While he recognized that Yoshiwara's toxin was doing its job, he didn't want Godzilla causing any damage while in his supposed death throes, either. The Colonel wanted to greet Godzilla with a squadron of fighters, but Dr. Kazushi Kagaku of G-Force advised him against taking such action, informing him that his colleagues Kino and Také were on their way to Godzilla's location, ready to drive him away with a Sub-Sonic Pulse Beacon designed to repel the monster peacefully. Despite being harassed by diplomats about Godzilla's potential landing in the United States, Cameron allowed G-Force first crack at the monster, telling them not to mess it up.

Before too long, Kino and Také arrived at Godzilla's location in their V.T.O.L., reaching him just as the giant reptile began approaching the newly constructed Fraser Dam. Activating the Pulse Beacon, its effect was immediate, causing Godzilla to relax into an almost trance-like state. Before G-Force could figure out where to lure him, however, the Beacon began to malfunction, giving off a strange signal before sparking and smoking, ruining the device. Enraged by the sudden loss of the signal, Godzilla sent the V.T.O.L. crashing to the forest floor with a blast of his atomic breath, the Pulse Beacon breaking off from the vessel in the process. Confused and disoriented, Godzilla fell, crashing through the Fraser Dam. Infuriated, Colonel Cameron contacted G-Force demanding answers as to what went wrong. When Kazushi stated that he and Reiko will be heading to Canada to inspect the Beacon, Colonel Cameron informs them that he'd hoped the device would be able to slow Godzilla's advance on Vancouver, but now with it disabled he would attack Godzilla with everything at his disposal, including the giant war machine known as Cybersaur. Kazushi and Professor Yoshiwara both protested the robot's use, but Cameron told them sternly that they had their chance. Having located the Pulse Beacon not too far from the crashed V.T.O.L., Kino tried to repair the device, only to find a computer chip hidden within its circuitry that wasn't meant to be there.

Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens [Dark Horse Comics]Calling the Cybersaur launch site in North Dakota, Colonel Cameron ordered that the mech be sent into action. Despite being told that the robot still needed two months of fine tuning and that its batteries weren't even fully charged yet, Cameron insisted that it be used anyway. Despite the operating crew's reservations, the Colonel's orders were obeyed and Cybersaur was launched. Soon, the golden machine arrived and began its assault on Godzilla, but ultimately the King of the Monsters proved too powerful a foe, even in his weakened state, and defeated the machine. As G-Force worked on recovering the robot and rescuing its surviving crew members, Colonel Cameron contacted Professor Yoshiwara at G-Force Headquarters, informing her that he'd been hounded by several scientists inquiring about her poison. He proceeded to ask her about all the blood and bodily fluids Godzilla had been losing as a result of her toxin, which were no doubt highly radioactive and would wreak havoc on the environment, especially when exposed to animals and plant life, not to mention if they were to get into local water supplies. The Colonel told Yoshiwara, though, that he informed the scientists that clearly someone as intelligent as herself wouldn't do something as foolish as poison Godzilla without thoroughly researching every possible repercussion. With Yoshiwara crestfallen by the points he'd made, Cameron informed her that he'd fax her any further questions.

After Godzilla and Cybersaur's second round, in which the golden mech emerged victorious, Colonel Cameron soon arrived, hoping to celebrate the fact that Godzilla was indeed dead. When Kazushi stated he was going to study the matter with Professor Yoshiwara, Cameron informed him that he intended on holding Yoshiwara fully responsible for any environmental damaged caused by Godzilla's poisoned blood, even going so far as to have her arrested by Japanese authorities. Kazushi asked for a compromise, asking Cameron to hold off on a full arrest until after they were able to confirm Godzilla's death, to which the Colonel agreed. Later that night, the Air Force reported a large object approaching the Earth from outer space. This object turned out to be Bagorah, a monstrous bat-like predator. As Cameron put his troops on standby, Bagorah arrived and flew in close, investigating the waiting Cybersaur. When the giant machine opened fire with a blast of its lasers, Bagorah was driven away, with Cameron giving the order to have it tracked. The next day, upon hearing that Dr. Kagaku was retrofitting the repaired Pulse Beacon into a sonic weapon to use against Bagorah, Cameron inquired what was being done about the supposed sabotage issue, only to be reassured by the doctor that the beacon was under constant guard.

Unfortunately, the next encounter with Bagorah unfolded disastrously; Cybersaur was badly damaged and ultimately exploded when its fuel tanks ruptured and Godzilla was revived when a guilt-ridden Professor Yoshiwara injected him with an anti-toxin. Furious, Colonel Cameron had her arrested on the spot. Trying to deal with Godzilla and Bagorah before they arrived in Vancouver, Cameron sent a squadron of jets to deal with them, but they were easily dispatched by the bat monster, and Cameron was helpless to do anything as the two beasts reached and destroyed the city. Later that evening, Colonel Cameron visited Professor Yoshiwara in her cell, interrogating her about the formula to her poison, his words making her feel even worse than she already did. He informed her that every trace of her toxin, from random chemicals to paperwork to computer files, had been collected from her laboratory. He proceeded to ask her if anyone else knew the formula for the toxin, but she reassured him that she was the only one who had it committed to memory.

A moment later, a gun shot was heard from inside the cell. Emerging from within, Colonel Cameron informed the stationed guard that Professor Yoshiwara had committed suicide.

Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens [Dark Horse Comics]Not long after the loss of Cybersaur and destruction of Vancouver, Godzilla had made his way to Camas, Washington, and the Colonel and his men were watching the monster like a hawk. Cameron didn't like the fact that Godzilla was so far inland, and upon protests from Kazushi concerning potentially agitating the monster with military force, the Colonel dismissed him, saying that G-Force had stood in the way of a proper militaristic response to Godzilla's rampages for far too long. With that, Colonel Cameron unveiled the United States Military's latest superweapon: The All-Terraintula, a giant mechanical spider to serve as Cybersaur's replacement and destroyer of Godzilla. Despite Kazushi insisting that machines won't work against Godzilla, the All-Terraintula held its own against the reptile, repeatedly blasting him off his feet with its Anti-Godzilla Cannon and even managing to render Godzilla unconscious with its Super-Tranq. But despite Cameron's victory, things were about to become much more complicated.

In the middle of Godzilla's fight with the All-Terraintula, a massive crimson spaceship had decloaked and revealed its presence to all. Colonel Cameron recognized the craft on sight - It belonged to the Dianii, a group of intergalactic game hunters who Cameron realized must have followed Bagorah to Earth. Before long, the Dianii ship landed and the aliens emerged from within, immediately taking the All-Terraintula out of commission with a single blast of their Mega-Zooka and rousing Godzilla from his chemically-induced slumber. Though initially worried that the Dianii's presence may complicate things, once the extraterrestrials left their vessel behind as they continued to pursue Godzilla, Colonel Cameron decided to gain access to the ship. Inviting Také and reporter Kate Koshiro along with him and his troops, Cameron made his way to the Dianii craft and prepared a boarding party. As the group made its way up the landing ramp leading to the entrance, Colonel Cameron seemed a little too eager for his men to enter the ship, causing Také to suggest using caution, as none of them knew what defenses the Dianii might have aboard their vehicle. Just as Cameron agreed with Také's warning, one of his soldiers touched an exposed generator in the ship's wall, receiving a violent electric shock. But instead of dying, the electricity merely revealed the soldier's true nature. While Také and Kate were horrified, Colonel Cameron was the complete opposite, simply commenting that they would've found out sooner or later.

As Cameron's troops began spread out, a female Dianii suddenly emerged to oust the group from her ship, but they were ready for her, using a pair of electric prods to shock the giant alien into unconsciousness. With the only Dianii on board taken care of, Colonel Cameron declared that the ship was theirs and there was no more need for "this charade." Suddenly, Cameron, his second-in-command, and all his soldiers underwent a horrifying transformation, their human guises melting away and revealing the faces of ape-like beings. Having now revealed his true form, Colonel Cameron declared that he and his people - the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole - were now the new masters of Earth, and their conquest would begin with them assuming command of the Dianii's vessel!

With her and Také now Cameron's prisoners, Kate asked if there wasn't some way to reach a peaceful agreement between mankind and the alien apes. Amused, Colonel Cameron simply told her that they were there to crush humanity, humanity was there to be crushed, and that the aliens were quite content with that arrangement. He explained that their home world, the Third Planet, was currently being dragged into a black hole back in their own solar system, and so their scientists convinced their governments to send out exploratory ships to locate a suitable planet to replace their own. One of these planets was Earth, where upon arriving the Aliens' scientists found a way for the apes to alter their appearance so they could fit in with human society. Cameron was able to make his way into the United States Military and quickly rose in power, where he placed agents of his own into the organization's ranks. In order to wipe out humanity, the apes quickly realized the best weapon they could possibly use would be Godzilla himself, or failing that, finding a way to create monsters of their own that they would have better control over. After a moment of realization and inquiry from Také, Colonel Cameron confirmed his suspicions: Cameron and his agents were indeed responsible for sabotaging G-Force's Pulse Beacon and the "suicide" of Professor Yoshiwara. While Cameron doubted the Beacon could control Godzilla, he knew better than to take the chance that it might. Similarly, Yoshiwara's toxin had very nearly killed Godzilla, and so the Colonel knew they had to prevent her from using it on any other monster the aliens might use to attack the Earth.

Third Planet from the Black Hole Aliens [Dark Horse Comics]By now the apes had gained complete control over the Dianii's ship and had it raise into the sky. At the same time, Colonel Cameron radioed the All-Terraintula and told it to initiate Plan Gamma. Its co-pilot, one of Cameron's agents, killed the mech's human pilot and brought the machine to its feet. With both the Dianii vessel and the All-Terraintula armed and ready, the Third Planet Aliens' invasion was in full swing. As the hunting craft approached Godzilla, the Captain and Rookie Dianii - now the only surviving members of their group - hailed the ship, believing it to be the female, the Captain's niece, coming to their rescue. But Colonel Cameron answered their call instead, mocking them and declaring that their end was nigh. With that, Cameron ordered that the Dianii craft open fire on Godzilla, and the King of the Monsters was bombarded by a series of devastating energy blasts from the ship's underside. As the Dianii ship mercilessly attacked Godzilla, the All-Terraintula snuck up and killed the Dianii Captain. Unfortunately, this caused the Rookie to go insane with rage and toss the mechanical spider at Godzilla, who crushed the machine and reabsorbed his stolen nuclear energy. Finally able to return fire with his atomic ray, Godzilla found his attack foiled by the Dianii ship's shields. As the vessel continued to blast Godzilla, Cameron's second-in-command spotted G-Force's V.T.O.L. circling the ship. Having at last had enough of Kazushi's interference, Colonel Cameron ordered that the V.T.O.L. be shot out of the sky, but Také rushed in and tackled Cameron from behind, causing the attack to be delayed. With Cameron and his crew distracted, the Dianii Captain's niece, who had risen from unconsciousness and allied with Také and Kate, removed a necessary component to the ship's energy shields.

It all came apart in seconds. Godzilla immediately nailed the defenseless ship with an atomic blast, severely damaging the nose of the vehicle and crippling it. As the Captain's niece grabbed Také and Kate and rushed to an escape shuttle, Colonel Cameron panicked as the flames engulfed him, screaming in denial about how this couldn't be happening and how they were invincible. Unfortunately, Godzilla hit the Dianii craft with another atomic ray, blowing it out of the sky and causing it to plummet like a rock. The instant the vessel hit the ground, it erupted into a ball of fire that decimated what was left of Portland.

Colonel Cameron, his forces, and the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole's aspirations of global conquest were gone, literally up in smoke. They had been destroyed by the very same monster they sought to control, who didn't even know they were there.

Powers / Weapons


In order to hide themselves and fit in with human civilization, the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole had developed a method for them to mentally alter their appearance, allowing them to pose as human beings until the disguise was no longer needed.

The illusion could be forcibly undone if an Alien underwent severe physical trauma, such as electrocution.

Electric Prods

Electric Prods

When the Dianii Captain's niece arrived to eject Colonel Cameron and his men from the hunters' vessel, two Alien troops attacked her with large, cattle prod-like devices. These delivered an electrical shock to her ankles so powerful that it rendered the 25 meter alien unconscious.

Energy Cannons

Energy Cannons

As they boarded the Dianii ship, several of Colonel Cameron's men were seen wielding large, gun-like weapons. The design of these weapons suggested that they fired energy blasts of some kind.

Ultimately, Cameron's soldiers never faced a situation where they were forced to use their weapons, and so these cannons were never shown being fired.

Background and Trivia
  • The Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole are the only Toho creation, aside from Godzilla himself, to appear in the Dark Horse comics.
  • Colonel Cameron's true identity as the leader of the Aliens from the Third Planet from the Black Hole is foreshadowed in Godzilla King of the Monsters #5 by a few lines of his dialogue, which are paraphrased from the English dub for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974). The first of these instances is when Cameron calls the All-Terraintula "a magnificent robot" while speaking to Dr. Kagaku, which echoes his film counterpart Kuronuma referring to Mechagodzilla as a "magnificent machine" when the mech is defeated by Godzilla. The second, more blatant instance is during the fight between Godzilla and the All-Terraintula, in which Cameron declares "Damn you, Godzilla! You're mistaken if you believe your powers are a match for America's All-Terraintula!" which was nearly word for word Kuronuma's similar boast: "Damn, Godzilla. You're mistaken if you think your powers are a match for Mechagodzilla."