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  Powers/Weapons: Tusks; tentacles; jets of flame from its head-spout; can fire spike-like darts from its tentacles
First Appearance: Godzilla King of the Monsters #12 (1978)
Series:  Marvel Comics  


Having teleported Godzilla to the moon, the mysterious aliens known as the Betans decided to test the monster's mettle, and Godzilla soon found himself face-to-face with a bizarre alien creature known as the Beta-Beast. The Beta-Beast lunged at Godzilla, attacking him with its strange weaponry. But Godzilla quickly overpowered the monster, assaulting it with his radioactive breath. The Beta-Beast tried to fight back with its own flame, but it was no match for Godzilla's. With that, the Beta-Beast fell, burnt to death by Godzilla's powerful flame.

Though their champion had been slain, the Betans were pleased. Godzilla had proven himself worthy of fighting the Mega-Monsters.