Zone: The Human Meteor - Music File
International Title
 Zone Fighter
Music By: Go Misawa
Record Label: VAP
Running Time: 74:31 Discs: 1
Release: August 1993 CD Number: VPCG-84210
Anthony Romero
At over 74 minutes, this soundtrack by Go Misawa of the Zone Fighter television show is certainly a full release by any standard. This CD covers a great deal of the music utilized the TV show (some missing themes include the guitar heavy cue heard later in the series in episodes 18, 19 and 25), and manages to present a pleasant listening experience without excessive repetition as nearly every cue is unique. Some of these tracks are very long though, going on for five or six minutes as they tend to merge together several themes that could easily have stood on their own. The "Bridge Collection", for example, is a rather large combination of numerous short cues, which, as the track title suggests, where used to bridge the different music together; although, in this case, it's more appropriate to lump them together as opposed to the alternative of dozens of ten second cues.

Unfortunately, the music doesn't work quite as well as a stand alone experience outside of the show as one would hope, as it does appear to lose something when removed from the more "campy" backdrop of the series. Still, there are a number of nice themes here, including the "Monster Missile Invasion" and "Meteor Victory". It's also pretty hard not to smile at the "Justice from the King of the Monsters, Godzilla" track as one can just picture Godzilla charging full speed to save Zone Fighter from certain doom when listening to it.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Opening
  2. Zone: The Human Meteor (TV Size)
    By: Masato Shimon
  3. The Power of Zone's Fighting Spirit! (M12 + M34 + M13A + M13B)
  4. Monster Missile Invasion (M33B + M25 + M38-T2 + M21 + M36 + M22-T2)
  5. Zone Double Fight! (M35 + M8 + M1 + M30-T2)
  6. The Inhuman Family's Holiday (M46 + M47 + M44 + M45)
  7. Takeru Jo (M15 + M18)
  8. The Zone Family Fights (M6 + M3 + M7-T2 + M5 + M51-T2)
  9. Hotaru and Sachio (M29 + M41-T2 + M28 + M40-T2)
  10. The Long Farewell (M10 + M9-T2 + M11)
  11. Godzilla Appears! (M4-T2 + M2)
  12. Blast King Ghidorah at Point Blank! (M23 + M33B + M24 + M26 + M50-T2)
  13. Meteor Victory (Instrumental)
  14. Ending (M14-T2)
  15. Peaceful Day (M71 + M72 + M73-T2 + M55 + M77-T2)
  16. The Shadow that Crawls in the Dark Night (M69-T2 + M70 + M68 + M67 + M65B + M58 + M80A)
  17. Crash! Mighty Liner vs. Garoga Car (M57 + M2 + M27-T2 + M62 + M57B + M56)
  18. Justice from the King of the Monsters, Godzilla (M31 + M54)
  19. Meteor Victory (Karaoke)
  20. In the Fight... (M16 + M17 + M76)
  21. Bridge Collection (M30B + M30C + M32 + M33A + M37 + M38 + M42-T2 + M43 + M39-T2 + M59 + M61 + M66)
  22. Moment of Youth (M78 + M75 + M74)
  23. Zone: the Human Meteor (Karaoke)
  24. Zone's Fighting Spirit March
    By: Masato Shimon
  25. Next Time Announcement (M48-T2 + M49-T2)