International Title
Music By: Yumi Matsutoya
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 45:07 Discs: 1
Release: February 1999 CD Number: TOCT-10648
Anthony Romero
First off, huge thanks goes out to Robert Storch for sending this disc for review!

This release is a reissue of the 15th album by Japanese superstar Yumi Matsutoya, aka "Yuming", and features the song "At the Blue Ship" from the movie Bye-Bye Jupiter (1984). Originally issued in 1983 as an LP, Voyager made its CD debut two years later in 1985 (CA32-1141). Near the turn of the century, the album was given a much needed re-release, remastered for superior audio quality, on both CD and LP. This review is of that reissue.

Featuring a stunning cover image, of a woman swimming in a pool amongst an upside down cityscape, Voyager was released around the heyday of Yumi Matsutoya's popularity. However, the content here is overall a bit mixed from Yuming. Some of the songs work, such as the bouncy and oddly fun track called "Heartbreak". Others are uneven, such as "Typhoon" to which succeeds wonderfully through Yuming's great vocal work, but flounders due to the rather dated and inadequate background music. The same applies for "Tropic of Capricorn", which has more great vocal work from Yuming but is lost a little with the odd backup singers present. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", the title song for the 1983 movie of the same name by Kadokawa, is also nice. A little dated, but with its charm. As it turns out, though, the star attraction here is probably "Roulette Marriage", which has a great upbeat tempo, and "At the Blue Ship", which has a great slow beat while Yuming's vocals work to make the track soothing to the listener.

As a side note, this release does not include the song "Voyager" itself, which was originally released separately on a 45 rpm record called Voyager: Undated Tombstone, along with "At the Blue Ship" (it's b-side), and was also featured in Bye-Bye Jupiter (1984). The reason for this is the delay of the movie, which was originally slated for a 1983 release, the same year as the Voyager album. When the release was pushed back to 1984, the song was pulled from the album and replaced. So the single, released after the album in an odd twist, marked the first appearance of the song outside of the movie. Both songs do appear, though, on the long out of print soundtrack for the 1984 movie (CA35-1073), as well as on a 1989 Yuming Sweets: Voyager CD single (XT10-2384), which is a reissue of the original "Voyager" 45 rpm record.

Overall, there is nothing particularly remarkable about this release. Not great, not bad, but an interesting release from Yuming. Fans of the artist should enjoy the album.
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  1. Girlfriends
  2. Roulette Marriage
  3. Dandelion - Tampopo Serotinous
  4. At the Blue Ship
  5. Magical Experience
  6. Heartbreak
  7. Typhoon
  8. Tropic of Capricorn
  9. When You Forget Me
  10. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time