CD: Your Song ("D" Mix)


Your Song ("D" Mix)

Japanese CD Title

ユア・ソング "ディー"ミックス
[Yua Songu "Di" Mikkusu]

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TM Network
CBS / Sony

Based On:

Vampire Hunter D



By: Anthony Romero

Kudos goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review.

Although released in 1989, this is a reprint of the 1985 single LP that is making its debut on CD. As noted on the cover, this disc features music from Vampire Hunter D. In particular this single offers the end song, which was not included on the Vampire Hunter D - Original Soundtrack (32·8H-59), and an instrumental version of that song which is unique to this single.

So starting with the main song, it's actually a great pop tune. It is dated, but has a really nice beat to the track while the tempo makes it a great earworm song that one can easily go back to. Vocals are just spot on and it's a wonderfully energetic track... at least for the first half. Sadly, it is a very long song at 6 and a half minutes. It really starts to lose steam too around the 3:15 mark as it goes through an awkward and very experimental synthesized instrumental sequence that doesn't fit with the rest of the song. This lasts for 30 seconds, but feels so much longer. It's not the only part that feels a bit overly long either, as to be frank the last two minutes in general feel a bit aimless compared to the start of the song.

Next up is the instrumental version, dubbed here the "Special Instrumental Disco Mix". The title is a bit misleading, as it's quite far off from a disco version of the tune. That said, it's not really a karaoke version either as it's not just longer at 7 minutes but also has some different instrumentation. For example, the start of the theme features some soothing piano work that's not present in the main song. There's also times where the guitar work, which would be more of a background instrument, takes center stage in the music. In addition, there are moments that believe it or not sound even more dated than the main song.

It's worth bringing up that an actual karaoke version of "Your Song ("D" Mix)" does exist. It's found on the TM Network Original Singles 1984 - 1999, although I'm not sure if it was released prior to this 2012 CD. Anyway, it's not a true karaoke version, as while a lot of the vocals are removed there are portions that still feature singing in them, in contrast to the track here which is 100% instrumental.

Bottom line, this is an okay release and a way to get some more music related to Vampire Hunter D. That said, I fully recommend seeking out the Twinkle Night release instead as it's a bit more appealing as it features the best version of this song, even if it doesn't feature a instrumental version.

As a side note, this single is actually a 8cm CD. While never gaining overwhelming popularity, these smaller CDs were not uncommon in Japan for singles. If you've never encountered a 8cm CD but have played a Nintendo Gamecube, the discs are literally the same size. Anyway, if you want to learn more about this format and how they are generally played, which most CD players can support them, this video does a nice walkthrough.

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  1. Your Song ("D" Mix)
  2. Your Song (Special Instrumental Disco Mix)