Younger Generation
International Title
Music By: Tony Crombie
Record Label: Universal
Running Time: 52:55 Discs: 1
Release: January 2009 CD Number: AACD-10
Anthony Romero
First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

This is actually a compilation of stock music that is issued on CD by Universal Publishing Production Music. The release isn't intended for consumer purposes, but rather for other companies to use in movies, commercials, TV or just about anything else that might need a cue or two to fill in some programing. This is one of many compilations the company has released, with this one in particular being dedicated to the 1960's. Its inclusion on this site, though, is for its representation of Ervin Jereb's "Crime Fiction", a song that appeared in the American version of All Monsters Attack (1969), aka Godzilla's Revenge.

Rather than beating around the bush, let's leap into the main course with "Crime Fiction". When Maron Films brought over the 1969 Godzilla movie to the US they were struck with a dilemma on what to do with the overly Japanese "Monster March" song at the start of the movie. Their solution was to dip into the archives and use a song from Ervin Jereb to fill the musical part of the sequence. The resulting theme is, in Universal's own words, very experimental through it adding various sound effects at random moments. To be clear, the version here is not the same one that appears in the movie, it's shorter and with some different sound effects, such as the laugh at the start and a much louder scream later on. In fact this version is a little over a minute in length making it much shorter than the one that appears during the opening credits of the film.

This leads to the rest of the CD, which is filled by work mostly from Armando Sciascia and Tony Crombie. In terms of Sciascia's work, "Espresso" is a pretty interesting theme using a guitar and organ, giving a distinct go-go vibe. On the other hand, stuff like "Melancholy Organ" is just awful, starting out nice and rustic with a piano before becoming a screeching mess when the organ unleashes its fury. Crombie's work is a little different for being more subdued... at least for this release. For those who like 1960's dance music, at least without lyrics, Crombie's work might fit the bill. Its the most "soundtrack-like" music on this disc, for better or worse.

Overall, this CD is still available now, although you will have to go directly through Universal to get it which has made it rare to find if one discounts that it was never considered to be a commercial title in the first place. For those on the look out for this CD, it's not really worth it for "Crime Fiction" alone given that this is a less enjoyable version of the song that appeared in the 1969 Godzilla film. If 1960's era dance music appeals to you anyway, though, then the CD might be worth its asking price, but for the vast majority it will just be a peculiar oddity.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Scenic Railway
    Composer: Ervin Jereb
  2. Crime Fiction
    Composer: Ervin Jereb
  3. Espresso
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  4. Swing 'O' Matic
    Composer: Francesco Anselmo
  5. Fast Finger Fun
    Composer: Francesco Anselmo
  6. Melancholy Organ
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  7. Soul Chant
    Composer: Johnny Thompson
  8. Polka-Dot Dress
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  9. Ciao Baby
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  10. Brat Party
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  11. Square Dance Show
    Composer: Armando Sciascia
  12. Drum Boogie Shuffle
  13. Rockin' Beat
  14. Drums, Drums, Drums
  15. Dick's Bandstand
  16. Teenbeat Special
  17. Teenbeat Stomp
  18. Off Beat
  19. Drum Blues
  20. Anvil Chorus
  21. Scotland The Brave
  22. Drums Anoy