International Title

Music By: Ken Yajima
Record Label: Humming Bird

Running Time: 42:54 Discs: 1
Release: April 1989 CD Number: 32HD-28
The soundtrack for the live action adaptation of Yawara! is a fairly interesting, if not dated score done by Ken Yajima. Some of these tracks work well as a stand alone experience, such as "Judo Rock II", while others like the "Tears for You" tend to be a little too simplistic and drawn out. Half of this soundtrack, though, is made up of vocal tracks done primarily by lead actress Yui Asaka, while Inoue Yoshimasa or Nobody (their actual name) do the compositions on these pieces. To Asaka's credit, the songs are pleasant to listen to; they aren't particularly memorable, but are very soothing regardless. The one vocal track not done by Asaka is "I Just Came to Dance", which is actually an English song done by Radio Voice. The song is a little cheesy at times, but still kind of catchy. It should be noted that this release inter-splices dialogue before a few tracks begin, which some might find interesting or not depending on their preferences. Overall, though, if people enjoy music from this period, or Japanese "idol pop" in general, they should find this soundtrack a fairly enjoyable experience.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Judo Rock II
  2. Theme of Yawara
  3. Judo Rock I
  4. True Love
    By: Yui Asaka, Composer: Inoue Yoshimasa
  5. Rivalry in Love
  6. I Just Came to Dance - You Are Special
    By: Radio Voice
  7. Tears for You
  8. Where is that Smiling Face?
    By: Yui Asaka, Composer: Nobody
  9. Thoughts of Barcelona
  10. Neverland - Yawara! Main Theme
    By: Yui Asaka, Composer: Nobody