Yamato Takeru - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Yamato Takeru

Music By: Kiyoko Ogino
Record Label: Polydor

Running Time: 46:24 Discs: 1
Release: July 1994 CD Number: POCH-7001
Released under their Platinum Records brand, this soundtrack from Polydor makes for a rather nice release, beyond its fairly hideous package design. Of course, Kiyoko Ogino's compositions aren't for everyone, as she is a fairly uneven composer. She tends to do far more right than wrong on this particular score though. Something that is even more impressive considering she was given only two weeks to draft up all of the cues and, from the sounds of things, was also given a very small orchestra to create this soundtrack. In spite of these obstacles, though, Ogino has created a very diverse and enjoyable score both as part of the feature film and as a stand alone experience. The soundtrack is, overall, a nice blend of soothing and more action oriented pieces. As for the stand out cue on this disc, it's easily the "The God's Warrior of the Three Lights," which is a very repetitive track but it's hard not to love the theme and the sense of power it conveys.

On another note, something that is sure to impress any fans of Japanese music is the inclusion of the very popular group Glay on this album. To that point, I'm sure some are wondering how Toho managed to attract one of Japan's most popular bands to create a song for this fantasy production. As it turns out, though, the group was still relatively unknown at this stage, as their breakout album, Speed Pop, wouldn't be released until next year. The most surprising thing about this, though, is that the group's producer, Yoshiki Hayashi of the even more popular band X Japan, helped with the compositions for their song alongside Kubo Takuro. As for their song RAIN, it's a very enjoyable piece of music, although all the same it's still easily one of their lesser efforts. At a runtime of seven minutes, it just simply seems to go on for too long and, consequently, tends to work better here in the shorter karaoke version found on track 13.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Main Title
  2. Twisted Fate
  3. The Inner Beast Awakens
  4. Knowledge and Power
  5. Beyond the Universe
  6. MaGaTaMa
  7. Heaven's Messenger of Light
  8. Inevitable Fate
  9. The Darkness Anew...
  10. Equipping the Beautiful Sword
  11. The God's Warrior of the Three Lights
  12. Silhouette Romance
  13. RAIN (Instrumental)
    Composer: Yoshiki Hayashi, Kubo Takuro
  14. Prologue of the Gods
  15. The Divine Will of Heaven (Fate)
  16. RAIN
    By: Glay, Composer: Yoshiki Hayashi, Kubo Takuro