Who Do I Choose? - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Who Do I Choose?

Music By: Masahiro Kawasaki
Record Label: King Records

Running Time: 38:07 Discs: 1
Release: September 1989 CD Number: 292A-51
The soundtrack for this fairly early Shusuke Kaneko film is, sadly, not very memorable in the least. This particular movie was produced way before Kankeo would start championing Ko Otani as his composer of choice, and instead sees film composer Masahiro Kawasaki taking the reigns of the score. Now I'm not incredibly familiar with Kawaski's work, but the former "Pinku Eiga" composer doesn't really manage any themes for this soundtrack that will stand out in the listener's memory. To his credit, the violin heavy "Pumpkin' Pumpkin" theme is enjoyable if one likes very traditional classical music, but the same cannot really be said for the remainder of the score. In terms of the song "Virgin Eyes", it's definitely got a distinct flavor similar to other popular Japanese music done at this time, and is kind of a nice upbeat song.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Virgin Eyes
    By: Yumi Yoshimoto, Composer: Anri
  2. Sickle and Hammer
  3. Pumpkin' Pumpkin
  4. Night Hawk
  5. Love Theme
  6. Hallelajah
  7. One Night Elegance
  8. Thursday's Wing
  9. Illumination