University of Laughs - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 University of Laughs
Music By: Yusuke Honma
Record Label: Pony Canyon
Running Time: 47:10 Discs: 1
Release: October 2004 CD Number: PCCR-00420
Anthony Romero
I was pleasantly surprised by how amusing I found the soundtrack for the 2004 movie University of Laughs. Amusing being the key word. The score has a very whimsical feel to it, at times almost like the background music to a circus, although I honestly found myself connecting more parallels with the rather carefree music of Julian Nott for the Wallace & Gromit series. The main title, which is heard in the numerous "day" tracks, is accomplished largely through horns and trumpets that convey an almost playful type of melody. Of course the music is not going to appeal to everyone's tastes, although in context the score seems very appropriate for a movie that falls into the comedy genre. Unfortunately, the disc is subjected to a lot of repetition, especially in regards to the previously mentioned "main title". The disc manages to stretch this theme out to about ten different tracks. The first of these, aptly titled "The First Day", goes on for seven minutes as well. Luckily, this theme is also the most memorable from the score, making its overuse more easy to swallow, especially since each track does take a slightly different approach in regards to things like tempo. Most of the other tracks on this disc fall into the same "whimsical" category as the main title, although there are a few exceptions, including the dramatic "Permission" track, which features some nice violin work, and the almost comically sorrowful "Red Paper".

Overall, the CD wasn't too memorable, although I do feel it's worth repeated listenings and does cater very well to people who might enjoy a more light hearted approach to scoring.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The First Day
  2. The Second Day
  3. The Soba Prime Minister Churchill Struck
  4. The Third Day
  5. Script Rewrite
  6. An Important Matter
  7. A Meat Sink
  8. The Fourth Day
  9. Akubi
  10. Expectation
  11. A Unreasonable Demand
  12. Before a Theater
  13. Collaborative Effort
  14. "Kanichi", "Mr. Miya"
  15. A Delicate Friendship
  16. The New World
  17. The Sixth Day
  18. Permission
  19. Comic Writer
  20. A Comedy Without Laughter
  21. A Match Without Odds
  22. The Seventh Day
  23. Red Paper
  24. Your Phone, I Want to See the Stage You Made!
  25. Death Possibly by Meat
  26. The End