CD: Twinkle Night


Twinkle Night

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[Tuinkuru Naito]

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TM Network
Epic / Sony

Based On:

Vampire Hunter D



By: Anthony Romero

Thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review.

Released in 1989, about four years after the film was released, comes this single based around TM Network's popular "Your Song" hit that was featured in Vampire Hunter D. ...or maybe it's based off their song "Twinkle Night" as it's named after that song, although that is the third track off the disc so one could make a case either way. For a single, there is actually quite a bit of content here, almost 30 minutes worth. That said, while it starts with two good tracks it doesn't finish very well.

Tackling the first track from this disc is another version of the group's "Your Song". Many will likely recognize this as the end credits song for Vampire Hunter D. For those who haven't heard it, the track is a bit dated but is a very infectious with a great beat and tempo. It's overall a great song. As for this particular version, it's different in a few key areas. First is that it starts off with an awkward twinkle-like sound, which is a minor negative. It's also a shorter version at around four minutes compared to the six minute version that was created for Vampire Hunter D. As it turns out, this song being shorter is a strength and the song works better at this length.

Now in an interesting twist compared to other singles, this disc has a suite created from the music for Vampire Hunter D. It's a slightly strange inclusion, given the dark atmosphere of the score conflicts with the upbeat style of the songs on the CD. It does tie into the first track, though, and the composer is the keyboardist from the group. As for the suite itself... it's good actually. I voiced a lot of criticism of the score (32·8H-59) as it was lacking and repetitive. The suite benefits from leading in with the strongest theme, "Night of the Demons", while having smaller samplings of other themes from the film. The end result is honestly about all most will need to hear from the movie and also overlooks the more awful cues from the soundtrack. The suite's not a great track, but it feels like a more enjoyable method for hearing music from the 1985 production.

As for the final two songs, "Twinkle Night" is okay if a little on the slow side. Definitely not up to par with some of the best songs from the group. "Electric Prophet", on the other hand, is a misfire. The song is very long at eight minutes and takes awhile to get going. The real weakness, though, is that the energy in the vocals just isn't there. The end result is a bland experience, that also features a few moments where they speak in English with disastrous results.

Overall, this release has a few tracks that are strong and an equal number that kind of miss the mark. As a result, it's hard to recommend although it does feature, in my opinion, the best version of the group's "Your Song".

Rating: Star Rating


  1. Your Song (Twinkle Mix)
  2. Vampire Hunter D Suite
    Composer: Tetsuya Komuro
  3. Twinkle Night
  4. Electric Prophet