The Tower of Lilies - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 The Tower of Lilies
Music By: Masaru Sato
Record Label: Universal EMI
Running Time: 44:02 Discs: 1
Release: September 2013 CD Number: TOCT-11614
Anthony Romero
A budget reissue, priced at around ¥999 (~$10), of the 1995 CD soundtrack for the film The Tower of Lilies, one of Masaru Sato's last few scores. As a whole, the score has its draws, but ultimately is a little forgettable and lacks the general energy that many associate with Sato's work.

When a lot of people think of Sato's compositions, the first thing that comes to mind are the rousing marches in Yojimbo (1961) or the big band-like flavor of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974). At his best, the composer's work was different from the norm and highly engaging. The Tower of Lilies is on a totally different spectrum. The whole soundtrack is soothing and calm, which sometimes pays off wonderfully with tracks like "A Farewell in the Shelter", "Girls Notwithstanding" and "Death of a Lily Girl" that all have a very pleasant violin supported middle. To its credit, the disc has no bad tracks... but its sorely lacking in stand out cues as well, and ranges more on the forgettable side, sadly. Still, if one is looking for a nice score to relax and fall asleep to, the majestic tracks here fit the bill, save a few like "Illusion" and "Rain of Shells" which feature blaring horn work.

While most of the CD is filled with orchestra work, there are two songs included as well. The first is a hybrid, featuring half song and half composition, while the second and final track on the disc is the full "movie version" of the same song. Both are artist Satoko Ishimine's career highlight song "Flower" (aka "Hana"), which was created for this film but went on to sell over half a million single albums and has since became far more remembered than the original movie it was created for. The Los Angeles taught Ishimine has a very captivating voice, with amazing vocal range that makes the song very enjoyable. Its coupled with guitar work by Shoukichi Kina, which oddly dates the track as if it was in the 1980's even though it was a decade later.

Bottom line, the score isn't what I expected and while it didn't quite leave the impression I was hoping for, its not a bad score to fall asleep to or as a means to enjoy Ishimine's incredible "Flower" song.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The State of the War
  2. The Tower of Lilies: Main Title
  3. Lily Girls
  4. The Shadows of War
  5. Document 1945.3.23
  6. Departing by Moonlight
  7. The Setting Sun in Haebaru
  8. Document 1945.4.1
  9. White Lily Flower
  10. A Farewell in the Shelter
  11. Document 1945.5.4
  12. Being Bombed
  13. Girls Notwithstanding
  14. Illusion
  15. Rain of Shells
  16. "Teacher, Please Agree"
  17. Escaping in the Rain
  18. "I Want to Live"
  19. Flower ~ Brief
    By: Satoko Ishimine
  20. Reaching the Limit
  21. Document 1945.5.27
  22. Overwhelming Enemy
  23. The Lily Corps Dissolution
  24. Bond
  25. "Mother"
  26. Dream Dancing
  27. "Don't Die"
  28. Death of a Lily Girl
  29. Flower - Movie Version -
    By: Satoko Ishimine