Teito Taisen - Soundtrack
International Title
 Tokyo: The Last War

Music By: Koji Ueno
Record Label: Toshiba EMI

Running Time: 62:44 Discs: 1
Release: August 1990 CD Number: CT32-5533
Released under Toshiba's "Eastworld" brand, the soundtrack for Takashige Ichinose's Tokyo: The Last War is certainly an interesting release. Composer Koji Ueno seems a little ill suited to score this production, though, creating a soundtrack filled with more soothing tunes that utilize a lot of violin work. Not at all the type of score one would have expected from a sequel to Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988). Of course this is not meant to discredit Ueno's work, as the soundtrack is rather pleasant, although not particularly memorable I'm afraid. The disc ends its runtime with a song from the popular singer Janis Ian. For those unfamiliar with Ian's work, she was a very successful, chart topping artist in the 1960's and 70's in America. Unfortunately, she fell out of favor in the United States during the 1980's, yet was still extremely popular in Japan at this time. This led her to work on the soundtrack for Kinji Fukasaku's Virus (1980) and this film near the end of the decade. The song here, "Heaven Knows", carries her trademark style and is an enjoyable track. It's not nearly on the same level as her "When the Rainbow's Gone" song for Virus (1980), but still pleasant to listen to none the same. For those interested, the "Heaven Knows" song would also later make it on a CD in the states called Unreleased 3: Society's Child in 2001.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Prologue (M1)
  2. Vicissitudes of Destiny (M2)
  3. Resurrection: The Lamentation of a Vengeful Spirit (M3)
  4. Mio's Tragedy (M4)
  5. Ill Omen (M5)
  6. A Premonition Through Dreams (M6)
  7. Forbidden Power (M7)
  8. Pathos of a Suspicious Person (M8)
  9. The Color of Lapis Lazuli (M9)
  10. Encounter (M10)
  11. Being Chosen, a Form of a Person's Love (M11)
  12. With Even Momentary Snow (M12)
  13. The Sorcerer's Imminent Arrival (M13)
  14. Yurakucho: Alleyway I (M14)
  15. Yurakucho: Alleyway II (M15)
  16. Yukiko's Afterimage (M17)
  17. This Body, It's Not Suitable (M18)
  18. Love Above Ground (M20)
  19. The Destruction of the Capital - Nakamura's Determination (M21)
  20. Dream Labyrinth (M22)
  21. Law of Exorcism (M24)
  22. A Desperate Counterattack (M25)
  23. From the Bowels of the Earth
  24. The Power of a Malevolent Spirit (M26A)
  25. The Power of a Malevolent Spirit (M26B)
  26. The Pair's Response (M27)
  27. The Battle of Supernatural Powers (M28-1)
  28. The Vengeful Spirit, Defeated Again... (M28-2)
  29. Prayer Fulfillment (M28-3)
  30. Salvation (M28-4)
  31. The Last Chapter (M29)
  32. Heaven Knows (M16, M19, M23)
    By: Janis Ian