Disc 8 of Toho SFX Champion Festival
International Title
 Prophecies of Nostradamus

Music By: Isao Tomita
Record Label: VAP

Running Time: 75:41 Discs: 1
Release: September 2001 CD Number: VPCD-81382 (Set)
This eighth disc in the set, which is totally devoted to Prophecies of Nostradamus, starts out by completing the stereo coverage of the film found on the previous CD. As before, these are broken up from their original two track presentation into more reasonable runtimes, although a couple of these cues have some fairly sudden transitions on account of it. After these ten tracks, the disc moves on to cover the monaural score for the movie. Unsurprisingly, the coverage of the theatrical score is the same as VAP's release in 1996, containing 33 themes from the movie. Sadly, this set lacks the six bonus tracks on the earlier VAP CD, foregoing the alternate take of the "Bar Lesson" and all of the non-synthesized cues. This is especially unfortunate as most of those tracks were fairly interesting to listen to next to the regular versions; however, if it's a choice between those six tracks and the complete stereo release, the choice is easy as the LP stuff breathes a lot more life into the music with the multi-channel presentation while also being noticeable distinct from the stuff that was used in the movie. The coverage of the movie continues on the ninth disc with the two record single tracks.
- Anthony Romero 
    Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974) [Stereo LP Release]
  1. Theme of Ruin 6
  2. Centuries
  3. Theme of Ruin 7
  4. Omen of the End
  5. The Death of a Loving Person
  6. Theme of Ruin 8
  7. Journey of Death
  8. Theme of Ruin 9
  9. Eternal Life
  10. Love Theme

    Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974)
  11. Toho Logo - Five Years in the Kaei Era (M1)
  12. Seven Years in the Kaei Era - The Black Ship Arrives (M2)
  13. Poetic Prediction of Defeat (M3)
  14. Main Title (Theme · M4)
  15. Bar Lesson BGM (M5-T2)
  16. Environmental Pollution (M6)
  17. "Many Centuries" (M7)
  18. Debate - Invasion of the Red Tide (M8)
  19. On the Moonlit Shore (M9)
  20. United Couple (M10)
  21. Kida's Wailing (M11)
  22. Modern Ballet BGM - Akira's Hallucination (M13)
  23. Subway Disaster - Mutation (M14)
  24. Nishiyama's Warning (M15)
  25. Abnormal Weather (M16)
  26. New Guinea Expedition (M17)
  27. Giant Animal Raid (M18)
  28. Cannibalism (M19 Synthesizer Mix)
  29. Mad Demon (M20)
  30. The Cave of the Living Dead (M21)
  31. Hell on Earth - Burial (M22)
  32. Omen of the End (M23)
  33. From Mother to Daughter (M24)
  34. Under a Cherry Tree in Full Bloom - Car Radio BGM (M25)
  35. The Death of Young People (M26 Synthesizer Mix)
  36. Rioters (M27)
  37. The Death of a Loved One (M28 Synthesizer Mix)
  38. Mirage (M29)
  39. Eternal Life (M30 Synthesizer Mix)
  40. Fear of Radioactivity (M31)
  41. The Last Nuclear War (M32)
  42. Silenced World (M33)
  43. A Prayer for the Future - Ending (M34)