Disc 6 of Toho SFX Champion Festival
International Title
 Vampire Doll / Lake of Dracula / Evil of Dracula

Music By: Riichiro Manabe
Record Label: VAP

Running Time: 76:43 Discs: 1
Release: September 2001 CD Number: VPCD-81382 (Set)
The sixth disc in the SFX Champion box set, which focuses solely on Michio Yamamoto's Bloodthirsty trilogy that was conducted by Riichiro Manabe. This CD contains the complete scores to the first two entries in the series and roughly half the score of the third, which spills over into the seventh disc. The first film featured is the 1970 Vampire Doll, which is also the shortest of the scores at only 23 minutes. Sadly, the music for this movie is fairly forgettable, as it tended to sift into the background during the feature and director Yamamoto relied on a lot of silence to heighten the mood. Looking at the cue numbers, it would appear that there was an unused theme still left for this film, although it's not present as the only extra is the haunting "sound effect" of the wailing voice. Thankfully, the second score, which is nearly twice as long as the first, fairs much better, and I would go as far to say as it was a career high for composer Manabe. The main title in particular is nice, as are the three themes leading up to it. Surprisingly, the score in general works fairly well as a stand alone experience, as Manabe just seemed to hit his marks for this one, which is even more shocking given that it appears that very few alternate takes were done. Granted, like any Manabe score there are some duds, like "Natsuko's Revival" which has that familiar "frog croaking" type of sound, but in general it's surprisingly solid given his other work. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of his Evil of Dracula score, which rounds out the disc. To Manabe's credit, his work for this film tends to start off strong for the first couple of cues, but beyond this there isn't much to tout, although the worst of the score is to be found on the next disc with the remainder of the cues.
- Anthony Romero 
    Vampire Doll (1970)
  1. Main Title (M1-T4)
  2. Mrs. Shido Appears (M2)
  3. Sagawa and Mrs. Shido 1 (M3)
  4. Sagawa Reminiscences - Sagawa and Yuko (M4)
  5. Faint Sign (M5T2)
  6. Deceased Beauty at Midnight 1 (M6)
  7. Sagawa and Mrs. Shido 2 (M7)
  8. Deceased Beauty at Midnight 2 (M8)
  9. Deceased Beauty at Midnight 3 (M9)
  10. To Tateshina (M10)
  11. Genzo's Gaze - To the Nomura Residence (M11)
  12. At the Graveyard (M12)
  13. The Dead Bird (M13-T2)
  14. The Abandoned Cufflink (M14)
  15. Dinner (M15)
  16. In the Mansion... (M16-T2)
  17. Deceased Beauty at Midnight 4 (M17-T2)
  18. Keiko and Hiroshi (M18)
  19. Bloodstained Yuko (M19)
  20. I Saw a Ghost (M20)
  21. The Return to the Ghost House (M21)
  22. Keiko Falls into a Trap (M22)
  23. Keiko's Crisis (M23-T2)
  24. Wandering Bloodthirsty Doll (M25)
  25. Hiroshi Enters the Mansion (M26)
  26. Shido Remembers - The Whisper of the Demon (M27-T3)
  27. The Confession of a Demon (M28)
  28. Keiko Stumbles Upon Yuko (M28A-T2)
  29. The Demon's Final Moments - The True Demise of Yuko (M29)
  30. Ending (M30-T4)
  31. Weeping Doll (Tearful Voice S.O. Shakuhachi T3)

    Lake of Dracula (1971)
  32. Toho Logo - Prologue (M1)
  33. The Unusual Western House (M2)
  34. Piano of Dead Beauty (EX-3)
  35. Main Title (M3)
  36. Flashback (M-4 FB Complete Music)
  37. Luggage Delivered (M5)
  38. Kyusaka Opens the Luggage - The Coffin (M6)
  39. Akiko and Natsuko 1 - Surreal Day (M7)
  40. The Empty Coffin - Kyusaka is Attacked (M8)
  41. A Time for Conversation (M9)
  42. The Man who Resembles a Shadow (M10)
  43. Akiko and Natsuko 2 - Window Shopping - The Coffeehouse (M11)
  44. Piano of Dead Beauty 2 (M11A-T2)
  45. Strange Scar (M12)
  46. Leo's Corpse - Kyusaka Assaults Akiko (M13)
  47. The Phantom Vampire (M14)
  48. The Disappearance of Leo's Corpse (M15)
  49. The Devil's Invitation (M17)
  50. Horrific Distaster on the Stairway (M18)
  51. Abnormal Sign (M19)
  52. Bloodsucking Ceremony (M20)
  53. Lakeside Couple 1 (M21)
  54. Lakeside Couple 2 (M22)
  55. The Vampire and Natsuko (M23)
  56. Saeki's Crisis (M24)
  57. The Fang Baring Vampire (M25)
  58. The Nefarious One (M26)
  59. Natsuko Wanders - The Chain of Misfortune is Complete (M27)
  60. Natsuko Discovered - Strange Scar 2 (M28)
  61. The Death of Natsuko (M29)
  62. The Legend of the Vampire - Hypnosis (M30)
  63. To the Depths of Memory... 1 (M-31 FB Complete Music)
  64. To the Depths of Memory... 2 (M32)
  65. Determined Youth (M33)
  66. Natsuko's Revival (M34)
  67. Strange Scar 3 - Natsuko Disappears (M35)
  68. To Noto (M36)
  69. The Cursed Mansion (M37)
  70. Piano of Dead Beauty 3 (M38)
  71. The Vile Blood Legacy (M39-T2)
  72. The Vampire Approaches (M40)
  73. Natsuko in the Coffin - Akiko's Crisis (M41)
  74. The Vampire's Scream (M42)
  75. Epilogue (M43)

    Evil of Dracula (1974)
  76. Toho Logo (M1)
  77. Main Title (M2-T3)
  78. Road to the School (M3-T2)
  79. Shiraki and the Principal (M4)
  80. Beautiful Voice at Midnight 1 (M5)
  81. Origin of the Beautiful Voice - Nightmare Scene (M6-T2)
  82. To the Basement (M7T2)
  83. Warning (M8)
  84. Yoshii's Dark Gaze (M9-T2)
  85. The Female Student Who Disappeared (M10-T2)
  86. Beautiful Voice at Midnight 2 (M11-T3)
  87. Strange Sign (M12)
  88. Kyoko's Distraction (M13)
  89. Chest Scar 1 (M14)
  90. Photograph of the Casket - Kyoko Bedridden (M15)
  91. White Rose Thorn - Local Folklore (M16)
  92. Legend of the Fallen Christian (M17)
  93. Rotted Away Casket - Bar (M18)