Disc 10 of Toho SFX Champion Festival
International Title
 The War in Space

Music By: Toshiaki Tsushima
Record Label: VAP

Running Time: 75:39 Discs: 1
Release: September 2001 CD Number: VPCD-81382 (Set)
The last disc in the set, and one of the release's star attractions, is a full disc dedicated to Jun Fukuda's 1977 film The War in Space. What makes this disc particularly noteworthy, though, is that not only does it showcase the 10 LP tracks in stereo, which were previously released by Victor in 1991 on CD, but it also contains the full mono soundtrack to the movie, which has yet to appear on any other release. For those unfamiliar with the LP tracks, they are long mixes of themes from the movie with sound effects sometimes interlaced. For example, the main theme has added echo type voice work in the track, which sounds fairly bizarre but not unpleasant. It should be noted that the "Jimmy" track from this release, which is a odd karaoke take of the song "I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair", does not appear in the movie at all though. It's not entirely clear why it was included on the original LP either, beyond that it was possibly at one time considered for the recollection scene before being removed. Next up is the mono score for the movie, which is actually preferable over the stereo tracks in most instances. There are a lot of great, contemporary cues that composer Toshiaki Tsushima brings to the table for this soundtrack. Some of the stand outs include "Hell Fighter", "Goten Base Attack" and "Goten vs Daimakan", although this score as a whole is very pleasant as a stand alone experience. The disc rounds out its runtime with a trio of outtakes from the score, the first two of which sound extremely close to the cues that were eventually used in the film while the third represents a fairly different selection of the theme.
- Anthony Romero 
    The War in Space (1977) [Stereo LP Release]
  1. The War in Space Theme
  2. Underground Base
  3. Venus
  4. Outer Space
  5. Feelings for Them
  6. Goten's Theme
  7. Daimakan's Theme
  8. Jimmy
  9. Battle
  10. Prayer for Peace

    The War in Space (1977)
  11. Toho Logo (M1)
  12. Titles (M2-T2)
  13. 1988 Miyoshi Returns (M3-T2)
  14. Muroi and June Announce Their Engagement (M4)
  15. Imposter Dr. Schmidt Chase (M5)
  16. National Defense Countermeasure HQ - Hell Fighter (M6)
  17. Goten Base (M7-T4)
  18. Hell Fighters Attack Japan (M8)
  19. Goten Base Attack - Goten Launch Ordered (M9-T2)
  20. Hell Fighters Mobilize at the Goten Base (M10-T2)
  21. Goten Launch (M11)
  22. Aerial Depth Charge Firing March (M12-T2)
  23. Goten Heads for Venus - Jimmy's Recollection (M13-T2 + M13 Connection)
  24. Miyoshi and Muroi (M14-T2)
  25. Jun is Abducted (M15-T2)
  26. Disguise Peeled Away (M16)
  27. Venus Orbit (M17/Edit)
  28. Discovery of the Daimakan - Land Rover Crisis (M18/Edit)
  29. The Space Fighter Combat Mission (M19-T2/Edit)
  30. Jimmy Shot Down - Daimakan Infiltration (M20-T2)
  31. Miyoshi Captured (M21)
  32. Daimakan Takes Off - Muroi Shot Down (M22)
  33. Goten vs Daimakan (M23)
  34. Daimakan Strikes - Goten Shot Down (M24B/Edit)
  35. With the Ether Bomb (M25)
  36. Pyrrhic Victory (M26)
  37. M7T2 (Alternate Take) [Goten Base]
  38. M19 (Alternate Take) [The Space Fighter Combat Mission]
  39. M24 (Alternate Take) [Daimakan Strikes - Goten Shot Down]